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Always Know Who’s Calling Before You Answer

TelTech the makers of some amazing phone apps like SpoofCard, TapeACall, TrapCall and more have unleashed a new addition to their collection of apps. Imagine the past, maybe even today, when you received a phone call from a number you did not recognize and answered it just to find out it was a robocall, spam, or scammer. Or, maybe someone called that you did want to talk to, but did not have their number in your address book. Those days are over with WhoApp.

WhoApp takes the guess work out of unlisted or unlabeled callers. It gives you the knowledge of who is calling and puts the power back into your hands when it comes to answering calls. When your phone rings, you decline the call. With in a few seconds, WhoApp instantly rings you back and displays the data of the call. At that point, you can answer the call if you recognize the caller and determine it’s a safe call.

Set-up is very easy. After you download the app, you enter your phone number. A verification code is sent to your phone. After you enter it WhoApp asks for permission to access your contacts. You want to allow this so that your personal contacts are included in the search query. Next you go through a few simple steps to forward calls to a predetermined number so that WhoApp can search its databases for information. The app then instructs you how best to use it through a quick how-to walk through of the process. It’s an incredibly easy, but incredibly powerful app to include in your software library.

I’ve been using WhoApp for the past 24 hours or so (since its launch) and have found it to be extremely effective. While I haven’t received many unwanted calls, I have found that the data I’ve received has been accurate. It’s been a big stress reliever not having to answer calls that were really nothing and not missing the calls that I wanted to receive. One important thing to note is that the Visual Voicemail feature will no longer work while you are using WhoApp because the app is direct forwarding calls instead of them just coming through to your phone naturally. WhoApp is available for download in iTunes.

DOWNLOAD — WhoApp — free — iOS

For more information, visit WhoApp.co
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Originally published at macsources.com on May 19, 2016.

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