Bieber spotting in Lima

After a really productive day at Prisma ONG yesterday Malinee and I decided a walk down to the ocean would clear our heads. Little did Nuno know what he would not get to see live. We missed the sunset, but it was still so calming to take in the incredible views.

Larcomar by night

But it was loud, kind of like the screaming you hear on a rollercoaster ride. And there were teenies running like crazy only to stop dead at the J W Marriott hotel opposite Larcomar.

So we were trying to guess what was going on. A local then told us Justin Bieber had just arrived as he has a show tonight in Lima.

And sure enough the Bieber was stood on the steps of the hotel looking out at the crowds of teenies going wild. Now I’m a rock fan, so Justin Bieber isn’t my kind of music, but the joy of all of the fans was contagious. Everyone on the streets was smiling at the spectacle. So way to go Justin Bieber — you made so many kids happy yesterday. Keep it up.

Justin hanging around making loads of kids happy by just standing there :)