Brebble: More than just a side-project

A long, long time ago, on an Earth, probably the same you’re living on, I joined Sven and Falco in the quest to build a platform which allows people to share their gems when it comes to restaurants, night life, shops and entertainment.

And just like a lot of other software developers would do, I jumped right into it, with all of my enthusiasm. Because, isn’t it great, not working for clients, but defining your own requirements instead? Using your own tools, frameworks and everything else you like? The perfect opportunity to freestyle this whole project to completion… Except it isn’t.

No, not at all. It was down the rabbit hole. Because all of a sudden, I had thousands of options. Shall we use framework X, Y, Z? What’s the performance of this language compared to that language? Shall we build API first, and then attach a front-end to it? So, mobile or web? I saw this article on HackerNews that said… Well, I guess you catch my drift. It wasn’t pretty.

Reflecting on that period, one line comes to mind “I was a traveler of both time and space” (that’s from Kashmir, Led Zeppelin by the way). I think I started re-writing our code base three times in one week just to try out different frameworks and/or languages. It’s all a blur. Luckily for me, I got fed up with that quite quickly.

Doubt there is any time traveling going on here, but I am quite sure about the space traveling.

Nope, I realized it was time to get shit done. I opened vim, and simply started building Brebble the way I know best, and sure as hell like best: Go. I finally realized the stakes for this project are higher than the average side-project I do for fun. This time it’s not just me, and this time we are aiming for the moon.

Despite this experience, we ended up launching a mobile app first, followed by switching to the web. However, that was a decision the three of us made, instead of a freestyling space/time traveling solo decision by me.

All in all, fast forward a few months, we’ve just launched a kick ass version of Brebble, and I dare to say it’s a version we’re all content with. Not fully satisfied, but content. So far, it was quite the journey, quite an adventure I must say. If we fail creating an adventure for others, at least we’ve created one for ourselves.