Bernie Sanders isn’t sexist, he’s just tone deaf.

Today at a campaign event in California, Bernie Sanders was asked a question that seemed to irritate him. The theme of the questions is one that has been nagging at his campaign for a while, and one that he likely hoped would die off.

Is it sexist for Bernie Sanders to remain in the race after he is mathematically eliminated, calling her wins illegitimate and making the claim that the establishment should back him after he has clearly lost the race by any measurable margin? The easy answer is no. But you need to look further to even wonder why such a question even needs to be asked.

Sanders has consistently pointed out that the system is rigged against him, that the establishment does not want to him. He claims that superdelegates helped tip the scales to Hillary Clinton, giving her a clear edge heading into the primaries. While the effect is hard to measure, you can’t just assume it meant everything. Then in the next breath, he will point out that these same superdelegates should support him instead. Apparently it’s only okay to “rig” the system when it favors you. There are many other similar accusations the Sanders campaign has made against Clinton, bolstering his claim.

Throughout many women’s lives, they’ve been told that they couldn’t legitimately win anything. That if they got to a top position, it was only because they were a woman. A woman can’t possibly win a contest when it’s a level playing field.

Bernie Sanders does not seem to have the perspective to understand what it means to many women when he questions the legitimacy of Hillary Clinton’s wins. That’s why he gets asked these questions. It’s a fair question, and one that will only ramp up if he decides to keep his campaign going past Tuesday. You can’t be an old man standing in the way of the first female major party nominee and not expect it.