Mr. West is in the building

I decided to look into Kanye West’s twitter profile. I’ve been following the account for awhile now and his profile is linked directly to his website He follows one person and that’s his wife Kim Kardashian West and he has over 21.5 million followers worldwide.

Kanye uses his twitter to promote his music but he also uses it to socialize and let his fans know what’s going on in his life. He talks about designing his new living space with Kim in some tweets and in others he’s overjoyed at the fact that people like his new album. Here are some of Kanye’s tweets taken from twitter:

KANYE WEST ‏@kanyewest Apr 10

I love this new A$AP FERG album!!!

18,382 retweets 48,446 likes

Kanye is famous for his music. His songs are really fun to listen to and a lot of his old music is what made him such a big hit. His new album is pretty good though and the promotion of it across twitter and other forms of social media have made him more popular as a result.

Kanye tweets about his album releases and other things happening in his personal life to his fans and they see that and retweet and favorite his tweets. Some reply to him and support his new album while others aren’t big fans of it.

Kanye tweets himself because he runs his own account. He doesn’t get into any twitter conversations with anyone from the looks of his twitter feed. He just posts to keep people updated on his life and his music. Kanye’s twitter MO is a rap artist who’s married to Kim Kardashian. His twitter handle is @kanyewest.

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