Mackenzie DataStream Presents at SciDataCon 2016

Written by the Mackenzie DataStream Team

Carolyn DuBois, the Water Program Manager at The Gordon Foundation, presented on Mackenzie DataStream during SciDataCon in Denver, Colorado on September 13th.

The session during which DuBois spoke was entitled “Linking Local and Indigenous Communities with Researchers for Improving Access and Discovery of Ethically Open Data and Knowledge”. It specifically looked ways of improving stewardship and access to data and information necessary for better decision making in the Mackenzie River Basin.

During her talk, DuBois spoke about four main decisions that were made in the creation of Mackenzie DataStream:

  1. The use of Amazon Cloud as a home for the data
  2. The decision to focus on water quality data rather than a range of other data and knowledge
  3. Creating a completely open-access platform
  4. Ensuring that data is valid and scientifically sound by putting in place a check and balance system

To see the abstract of the presentation, and to learn more about Mackenzie DataStream, click here.

SciDataCon 2016

SciDataCon is one of three main events held during International Data Week and took place from September 11th-13th in Downtown Denver. The theme for this year’s International Data Week was ‘From Big Data to Open Data: Mobilising the Data Revolution.’

SciDataCon, which was convened by CODATA and WDS, is a scientific research conference that helps advance the frontiers of data in research. Specifically what that means is:

addressing a range of fundamental and urgent issues around the ‘Data Revolution’ and the recent data-driven transformation of research and the responses to these issues in the conduct of research. SciDataCon features scientific papers from a wide range of perspectives.
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