Is THIS The New Trend?👒 👜 Or A Failed Attempt…

Are you aware how popular this NEW invisible push up bra is?

Here’s what consumers are saying!… LEARN MORE

With WOMEN’S TRENDS changing more frequently that half time commercials at the Super Bowl, due to INSTAGRAM and everywhere we get a FASHION UPDATE. I’d say it’s fair to say you never know what’s going to last, or what’s here to stay.

Here’s what Fashion TRENDSETTERS have to say…

Hey y’all! I’m ESSENCE, beauty editor here at BUZZFEED, and I’m always looking for NEW STUFF TO TRY. When I first saw these BACKLESS, STRAPLESS PUSH- UP BRA’S all over INSTAGRAM I thought, “ISSA SCAM!”… but I still tried them because my boobs have been the same size since I was 10 and I’ll try anything that makes them look perkier

There are lots of brands out there making the bras, but a lot of celebs, AMBER ROSE, swear by the brand SNEAKY VAUNT.

Sneaky Vaunt’s VAUNT IT PUSH UP BRA costs $49, though, so try Beauty Trendz INSTABUST PUSH UP BRA because it’s on sale for $16.99. The Instabust Bra claims to be “highly durable,” made with “medical grade adhesive gel” to keep it in place.

Here’s how it works: After you peel off the film lining each cup, you stick on the cups one boob at a time. After it’s securely on, you tug the drawstring for a nice bust lift, like this lovely lady’s.

InstaBust® Strapless Front-Lacing Push Up Bra from BeautyTrendz on Vimeo.

Now since you know what ESSENCE (BEAUTY EDITOR) of BUZZFEED has to say, and AMBER ROSE (CELEBRITY), let’s hear what regular consumers are saying…

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