My Morning Routine

How you get up in the morning is the most important part of the day. Not saying it’s the funnest, but it’s important.

Now i follow a concept i learned from ‘The Miracle Morning’, it consists of a meditation, visualization, affirmation, exercise and reading.

  1. MEDITATION- This requires me to sit in peace, focus on my breathing and just watching my thought, as i give no attachment to it. You can meditate as long as you like, i do not use a set time.
  2. VISUALIZATION- This is my way of seeing what to expect for the day. Write on a piece of paper what you visualize to see happen for the day and more often than not, will come into account.
  3. AFFIRMATION- Affirm something great to yourself. I.E “I am worthy of my success” “ I am capable” “ God is my Rock” whatever you wish to affirm, say it, mean it, and write it on paper.
  4. EXERCISE-Don’t underestimate this, you will need exercise to succeed. The blood flowing will keep the brain going! So whether it’s a 2 mile jog, a morning hike or 35 push ups, anything physical in the morning is better than nothing.
  5. READING- People such as ‘Warren Buffet’ ‘Barack Obama’ and many greats, always found time to read. A newspaper, a book, anything to stay up on their personal study and mental growth. Remember you’ll never be too old to stop learning, so stay reading!