Shifting Your Paradigm

When it comes to viewpoints and how you see certain circumstances/ situations, this is called your Paradigm. Now the important thing about Paradigm’s is that we all have them, whether it is beneficial to progression through life or not. It is merely the lens through which we see the world, and shifting the lens is shifting a quantum change in yourself.

Being aware of the power of a paradigm, and it how it shapes your beliefs, to your actions, and the results you see today. If had never worked on how i view the world, or went into shifting my own paradigm. I would be subjected to the paradigm of social influences, parental influences and many more influences that come with being young and unaware. I wouldn’t be able to do what i am doing today, because it is not the norm. Nor would I have the drive and purpose that i achieve with doing so.

Now shifting your emotions, opinions and how you think isn’t very hard but it is not the same in shifting your paradigm. Your paradigm is the foundation in which the emotions, opinions and thoughts arise. Quote “For Every Thousand Hacking At The Leaves Of Evil, There Is One Striking At The Root”- Thoreau. We are going to have to really look into why we think the way we do, why we feel the ways we do and why we have these certain opinions. If of course you wish to shape your paradigm.

You could be wondering why it seems you are doing ‘everything right’ but still fail to see particular results. Well maybe the foundation on which you are doing ‘everything right’ isn’t necessarily ‘right’ for what you are doing. Sound confusing, I know, let me give a personal example. I used to sell meats, windows and home remodeling. Whenever I attempted to go forth with the pitch, or close the sale i needed to find a reason greater that just getting ‘the sale’ as to ‘why’ i closed, and how i would be able to do it so effectively. Now it’s not like everyone wanted what i was offering, but for those with interest, they received the best service they could get, because my paradigm was shaped on ‘how can I help you’ vs ‘how can you help me’