Product Update — all the things you need to know about reMarkable right now

I am excited to receive my Remarkable soon! I am not good at all at sketching or drawing, so I will use the Remarkable mostly to read, study and take notes.

Some extra features I would love to see (my personal wishlist) are:

  • Sheet music templates. I compose music and study Musicololgy, and would love using the Remarkable as a music notepad. No need to convert to Music-XML or make it sound in any way, just handwriting.
  • Please, make it multi-language!! If not at the first release, at least at a following software upgrade. Many of us will love to use our own mother language (Spanish in my case). For many others, that would be their only way to use it (not everybody is skilled at English).
  • Related to previous, add the use of dictionaries, either one-language or multi-language. This is a feature common to many ebook readers.
  • Add more file formats. We now you are working on it, but EPUB and PDF only will constrain usability. DOC(X), FB2 and TXT are good first-line candidates.
  • It would be nice have it synchronize with Calibre or other ebook collection management software.
  • The most difficult one (because it is hardware-related): Give it more storage! 8 GB may seem big enough, but experience shows that space needs grow unsuspectedly. Or add a Micro-SD card slot.

With these and other good ideas suggested by other fans, an almost perfect product will become a more than perfect one!!

Greetings from Madrid, Spain :-)