Trying to Overcome Vikings Pessimism

Maybe this is what it takes for the Vikings to finally win their first Super Bowl. Maybe fan base need to experience yet another tremendous loss before it could truly appreciate a Super Bowl win. If this is how Minnesota finally wakes up from the state-wide nightmare that is Vikings Football, perhaps we had to truly sacrifice one of our own.

If Teddy’s role was that of a sacrificial lamb, so be it. He should be proud to be used as a tribute to appease the NFL gods. Teddy Bridgewater’s injury was far more damaging to the Vikings fan psyche than the Blair Walsh miss was last winter, but the fact that I have to bring up both says a lot about the state of mind Vikings fans were in after the news about Teddy’s knee came on August 30t

Of course, the gods took more than just Teddy B, they needed our Hall of Fame running back as well. Then the gods took our offensive lineman, one after another. Mike Zimmer and the Vikings now find themselves in a race against time to see if they can win a Super Bowl before every available player gets injured. It might not look pretty near the end of the year when our offensive line is mostly guys from a Minneapolis flag-football league, but Mike Zimmer doesn’t care who plays as long as they do their job.

5 games into the season, Zimmer’s calming presence has healed fans collective psyche following a horrific August. Now we’re back to where we thought we’d be going into the season. We knew the team would be good before the season started, but we thought it would look entirely different. The Vikings were supposed to be run-based, with a competent, mistake free quartberback at the helm.

It’s too different of a team to truly accept as “Super Bowl worthy” because usually when teams do well, it’s because the players that the fan base thought would pan out, do. In the case of the Vikings, the promising young QB is on crutches, and the all-time great RB watches games on the sidelines. Some guy named Sam Bradford is filling in at QB while another random guy named Adam puts up statlines like 7–127–1. On top of all that, we have the most dominant defense in the NFL and they make Super Bowl winning QBs look like they should retire.

Its all very surreal. It will take some getting used to. However, it is happening and there’s no reason not to go all in. That is, until you remember Blair Walsh. Everytime I start to think, “yeah, why not us?” I remember Blair Walsh, and I think, “Oh yes, that is the reason why not.” Its too easy to imagine Walsh missing the kick that could send us to the Super Bowl or (god forbid) win the Super Bowl.

So everytime this defense makes a big play, or Sam Bradford connects with Stefon Diggs downfield, Vikings fans have to hold themselves back from buying in completely. At least, as long as Walsh is over on the sidelines.

The worst part is, no matter what he does from here on out, fans still can’t trust him. He’s already shown that he can’t make the winning field goal, so no matter how many he makes between now and when it counts, there’s no reason to believe. in him. It is now rest of the team’s job to make sure we don’t need to kick field goals to win games. That’s the recipe for a Vikings Super Bowl win; Ensure that is doesn’t come down to the kicker, because when it comes down to the kicker…well we all know what happens.