Thank God Vikings Fans Can Focus on Something Besides ‘What If’

I know its only one game.

Healing doesn’t begin and end in one moment. It takes time, and in the case of the Minnesota Vikings, it will take wins to heal the pain of Teddy Bridgewater’s injury.

Look what one win has done to this team. After a game in which the Viking’s only offensive bright spots were 7 catches by 2nd year WR Stefon Diggs and a not-horrible performance by 38 year old Shaun Hill, we’re already able to find glimmers of hope in what seemed like certain despair.

Sean Hill after “technically” winning the game

Shining a light away from the bright spots reveals a Vikings offense that resembled a pebble repeatedly rolling into a brick wall on Sunday. Minnesota’s kicker broke fans hearts 8 months ago, and started his redemption campaign by putting three (!!!) missed field goals up on the TV screen. One of them didn’t count but it was equally atrocious and frankly, offensive.

Adrian Peterson led the offensive attack, but he could only lead it forward 1.6 yards at a time. For a team that’s going to have to employ an extremely one-sided offense, that’s problematic. Yet somehow with all these problems, hope remains because football is a two-sided game. The other other side of this team is better than most. The defense will have to be better than every oppenent as the year goes on, because this offense isn’t beating anybody. Against the Titans, the defense played to that high level and it resulted in a win.

Sunday’s game reinforced the one thing Vikings fan have been clinging too in the last few weeks; this defense could be the best in the league, and that makes this season worth watching. The win gave the entire fanbase something positive to focus on and rally around. Still, the collective psyche rests on a slippery slope. A loss to the Packers Sunday night in the new stadium would be devastating and people will wonder ‘what if’ Teddy Bridgewater had been the QB as planned.

But that’s next week, and this is now. Before the season began, there was nothing to focus on besides ‘what if’. Now, there is an actual team playing, and they’re 1–0.