MacroFuel in a Roller Derby Meal Plan

Recently, “Lily the Kid” of Tampa Roller Derby had a chance to try a bag of MacroFuel. She was kind enough to explain how MacroFuel fits so well into roller derby health and nutrition:

“Lily the Kid” (Photo via

“It tastes a lot like plain cheerios — I consider this a good thing! If I’m having it as a breakfast meal replacement, I like having a full serving. If I’m having it as a pre-workout meal, I prefer to split the serving in half to avoid having too much in my stomach: one portion right before exercise, and the other half immediately after. MacroFuel is perfect for my sports nutrition and the best pre-workout meal.

It’s important to me to have some protein after working out, but I usually have a hard time working up an appetite and forcing myself to eat until my adrenaline dies down (usually at least an hour). I find drinking the other half serving of MacroFuel right after practice to be very easy because the flavor is light and easy for me to stomach. At no point in time have I felt like I had to force myself to drink MacroFuel. I like it and enjoy it when I’m drinking it.

I’ve tried it plain but have also played around with it a bit. For a full serving at breakfast, I like to throw in a small handful of frozen strawberries. When I do the pre/post workout drink, I like to add a about 3 tablespoons of applesauce and a dash of cinnamon.

I’m not vegetarian, but I eat very little meat. My diet is primarily vegetables, fruits, and some fish. I don’t really do many snacks or processed foods in general — my general style of eating is to eat things that will benefit me in more ways than just filling me up. I really like the MacroFuel because it helps me feel like I’m getting the desired vitamins and nutrients when I don’t have time to cook or prepare produce, and it’s easy for me to take to practice. I wouldn’t say that protein is my ultimate goal, but it certainly helps me to feel more confident about my diet when I have fewer sources of protein than most people.”