Trust science — not myths.

I’m not an expert food scientist — in fact I majored in labor relations at college. Yet even still, my time at college taught me one extremely important lesson: evidence matters. That’s why when creating MacroFuel, we enlisted the help of a food scientist who formulated the product using scientifically proven information. I always thought this was common sense, but I’ve found that too often, science takes a back seat to myths that are perpetuated through internet memes and gym conversations.

One of the harder myths to dispel has been engrained in the fitness community for years: soy protein is evil. There is a long held belief among many lifters that soy protein is detrimental to males, especially male weightlifters, as it allegedly raises estrogen levels. This myth has been perpetuated out of a few poorly designed studies years ago, yet a conclusive review of existing research on the subject makes the fact quite clear: soybean has no feminizing effects on men.

What is most unfortunate about this myth is that not only is the information wrong, but it is leading people to miss out on an extremely valuable protein source. Soybean has many positive health benefits, some of which are included below:

1. Due to soy’s high arginine and lysine content, it has the ability to naturally raise growth hormone levels.

2. Soy has been shown to boost nitric oxide levels by increasing N.O. synthase.

3. Studies have shown soy to provide superior antioxidant protection to other proteins.

4. A 2005 study showed that women consuming soy protein for 4 weeks had less oxidative muscle damage following exercise than those only consuming whey.

5. Soy is a complete protein containing all essential amino acids for human nutrition.

6. The FDA has stated that, “25 grams of soy protein a day, as part of a low in saturated fat and cholesterol, may reduce the risk of heart disease.”

Should soy protein be your only source of protein? Of course not. Should it be a part of your diet? Absolutely. Balance is key in any diet — be it a fitness focused diet, weight loss diets, or just a weight maintenance diet. More importantly — any diet should be constructed around science rooted in evidence. Next time you hear a claim about any food source: do your research.

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  • Gus, cofounder of MacroFuel

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