Stream of Consciousness — March 16, 2017

I have something to say, but I’m not sure what that is.


Listen to this blog:

Ok. So I’m awake. Re-watching my appearance on the Tatiana show, which seems to be on about a million channels everywhere, but isn’t generating any comments, which is odd. Maybe the comment button is broken. I’ll have to give it a try. It’s also surprising because I think I said a buncha sensational stuff and put some good quotes in there.

I watched Logan yesterday and I really enjoyed it. I saw it at the Metreon in Downtown San Francisco in a brand new Dolby theater. Ironically the new digital projector somehow managed to play the trailers overlaid, two at a time, but with only one set of audio. It was actually a really interesting error, but there was nothing wrong with the main presentation, which as the teaser claimed, really did seem brighter and darker, with fantastic sound that rattled the seats, which are leather recliners. Well worth the $20.

Logan itself is a brutalist masterpiece. Following the descent of the character to his (spoilers) end. Powerful. Uncompromising. Watched Comicbookgirl19’s review yesterday and I can understand her emotion. Obviously the film is a reworking of the classic Shane, which it references strongly, even showing the film with Charles remarking on it’s incredibly high quality, despite it’s age (metaphor) and later quoting it during a funeral scene. CB19 was upset, because Logan did not grow and become a hero. He is a reluctant hero, like Han Solo in the original Star Wars. What CB19 doesn’t understand, and she admits as much, is that it was all he had. He gave all he had. The movie is too realistic. People can’t stand it or get it. Playing Johnny Cash’s “When the man comes around” at the end, couldn’t be more prophetic. This is a movie about the end. Who would have believed that it would be Fox that would save the comic book universe from action movies and perfection. Things that were just too neat. Pieces that all fit together. Finally a movie with unanswered questions and mystery. Unexplained things. Reminiscent of Robocop, a dystopian future where we just want to know more. And thank you to the filmmakers for not telling us. I don’t want to know what is in the glowing suitcase in Pulp Fiction, though I think it’s his soul, but I’m glad that Quentin has never and hopefully will never tell. Some mysteries are better. In Logan for example, who killed the X-Men? Is it the “Old Man Logan” Universe (I know nothing about comics, but I watch this YouTube show called ComicsExplained, with this guy Rob, who is a freaking genius and knows everything and I consider myself a member of the “RobCore” which means I’m learning crazy new things about comics everyday, which I’m now about to impart to you.) (again spoilers, but this time for comics, which I’ve only watched videos of, but still would like to read) In the Old Man Logan Universe, all the villains unite, and Mysterio (Spider-man foe) in particular takes over Wolverine and makes him kill the X-Men. In the movie it seems more like Professor X might have had a seizure and killed them. It’s unclear. Also the evil doctor (who was in L.A. Story, the fantastic Steve Martin comedy from the 80s that I rewatched again the other day, amazing to see him age 30 years in days) says that he did something to the food and prevented future mutation, thus ending the mutants, but then he recreated them in labs, blah blah blah. His end was fantastic, but I won’t spoil it. I’ve seen so many people killed with claws. It was like the Saving Private Ryan of people getting killed with claws. I’m desensitized, but it was also awesome. CB19 also mentioned that some of her audience, who had fought in wars, saw the movie as a metaphor for PTSD. A strong metaphor indeed. She was visibly moved and broke down. A very honest and human reaction to a truly powerful film. And the digital projection wasn’t bad either.

I can’t seem to stop listening to this song:

Then I listen to Neil’s 12 greatest hits, usually on shuffle. I like the way the album cover says Ultimate Master Disc. That must make it better:

It occurs to me at this point that I might actually try writing this post in Medium. I was in Google Docs before, and I’ve been considering going back to and just making this a blah blah until I hit the goal. As of it now, I have no idea how many words I’ve written. Medium has a slower, typewritery way of moving the cursor that reminds me of Doogie Howser’s old video diary. Not better that Gdocs, but different.

I’ve been reading a lot of books lately. Been thinking of restarting my “monthly book column” that I patterned after Nick Hornby’s Polysyllabic Spree, a monthly column he did (probably still does) in Dave Egger’s magazine The Believer and was later combined into books by McSweeneys with super catchy titles which are actually fun to read even if you haven’t read any of the strange and esoteric books that he devours. I think having the column helps you read more. Or at least finish. You have to finish the book that month so you can talk about it in the column and get on to the next book. With that in mind, I’ve already read 42 books this year. In just the last three months. I know that probably seems like a lot, but like anything else, if you put your thumb on the scale it seems a lot heavier. I bought quite a few comic books and art books and they’ve been sitting around gathering dust. I have a problem with the “unread”. I have hundreds of unread books. I’m interested in them, but there’s just not enough time. When I was a little kid my goal was to read the entire school library. I started at A. One time I tried to read the encyclopedia. Not to to say I got too far on either effort, but you get the idea. Sometimes with books you can bite off more than you can chew easily. So naturally when trying to thin out the unreads, I went after the art and comic books first, I’m not stupid. Well maybe I am, because I bought so many books and didn’t end up with any amazon stock. D’oh. I did read quite a few novels though, and those are real books and at least one book of Vonnegut’s letters. Actually the only book of his letters, which incidentally I somehow ended up with a signed copy that I bought used on Amazon. Not signed by Vonnegut unfortunately, but instead his childhood friend who they consulted with for arranging, editing and introducing the letters. Still better than an unsigned one. Anyway, I’ve been thinking about restarting the spree and maybe firing up some old SQL databases and trying to find my original reviews to post as a companion piece with the new ones. The column would be monthly, with a due date of the 1st, with a grace period extending to the 5th, like all good columns. As Douglas Adams said, “I love deadlines. I love the wooshing sound they make when they fly by.” He also said “time is an illlusion, lunchtime doubly so.” A funny guy. Gone too soon.

Ooops. Just closed this window. In the past I would have ran screaming down the hall, having lost my entire document. Thank you medium for having instant saving, like Gdocs and 750words before you. You have saved my ass too many times. Also props to FB and Twitter for the same. Curses on all who don’t have it. You’ve lost my words too many times.

YES! Neil singing Sweet Caroline LIVE! He’s all relaxed and free with it and it’s so much better than anything I’ve ever achieved at karaoke or anyone I’ve ever seen do it. Sure it helps that Neil is probably sober as fuck, using a fine microphone in a booth with no one screaming DA DA DAAAAA in the background, but that atmosphere is all part of the fun. “Warm touching warm… reaching out…” Of course this song was allegedly about the underage Caroline Kennedy for which Neil was infatuated and spent some time with, but that doesn’t make it any more or less great. The rolling organ sounds. Slow driving, everything is a build up. “Good times never seemed so good.” Obviously they couldn’t get any better. They were the best. NEVER. Never so good. Big strumming on the exit. Applause.

[apple sauce]

Claps along stupidly to Neil, even though I’m alone and in my apartment there is no clapping or singing. Neil blares on my headphones “so you turn to the only friend you can find. There in your mind.” Am I clapping because I want to, or because of the tambourine in my right headphone? Tambourines are powerful. People made fun of Linda McCartney, but you just have to clap along, don’t you? Are Tambourines as powerful as Electric Guitars? That’s a question we’d have to ask David Byrne.

I have to hold my hand over my mouth to keep myself from singing along to Neil’s quiet ballad Play Me as he sings “You are the sun/ I am the moon/ You are the words/ I am the tune/ Play me”. Words as beautiful as the quiet guitar riff that follows. The flowing strings remind me of a Belle & Sebastian song.

Confession: I’ve been thinking about playing Zelda. Not to say I have it. Not to say I have or need a Nintendo Switch, in fact I’d probably be better off giving it away after I beat the game, as I probably should have done with the GameCube after WindWalker, but there’s something hypnotic about the song of Zelda. Calling me back to my youth, a time when I once said to my sleeping friend “Your sister is playing your man on Zelda” and he said, coming back from a world of sleep and dreams, “Tell her to pause it, I wanna play.” Zelda is a magical and special game and they say the new one has an open sandbox world like the GTA titles. Though more of a retro gamer, I did buy a PS2 to taste the sweet freedom of driving around, doing what you want and also spent some time on the virtual snowboarding slopes of SSX. So I’d bought systems for games before, but there’s always the trade off of time. Who has the time for Zelda? Wouldn’t that time be better spent at the gym? Pretty much ones time would always be better spent at the gym. Or at least eating right. I’m not sure Zelda comes with Cheetos, but they may be a noble side entry. The new one even brings Zelda with you, as you can de-tatch the Switch and play on the road. Sounds fun, but of course you’ll need a carrying case and the thing looks like a giant rectangle. Maybe I could play the game at the gym. That’s a stretch, but these are the kind of manipulations the brain goes through. The lies it tells, to get what it wants. It’s precious.

Could I turn play into work? Maybe. I’ve been watching PewDiePie lately, and he’s fantastic. Obviously not a nazi (in anyway, completely ridiculous and embarassing charges that should in the end only bring more viewers to the 53M subscriber man, who deserves everything he’s earned with his humor, and his endless recutting and outbursts of extreme emotion). He has a style all his own, and as ZeFrank defined vlogging, PewDiePie has defined “Let’s Play” which I guess is what the kids are calling watching other people play video games while they talk. Which sounds like a great gig to me. I’ve done a few test Let’s Play videos, but I haven’t released them. Not sure if there’s any interest. Silently screaming along with Neil again for “Sing — Sing a song!” I suppose I could put a few test videos and addresses out to see if there’s interest in watching me play games. If you’ve made it this far into this massive, unedited article and you want to watch me play the new Zelda, Donate and Comment. If there’s interest and about $400, I’d give it a try.

Neil is cooling it down now with Stones. “And bein’ lost is worth the comin’ home./ La la la la la la la la la on stones.” — — “You and me — a time for planting. You and me — a harvest granting every prayer ever prayed…” just beautiful. I hope you have a nice day. Thank you for reading. Please share and comment if you liked it.

Tom’s Zelda Fund:

Goal: Raise $400 and buy a Nintendo Switch and the new Zelda Game.

If I raise the funds, I will do a series of “Let’s Play” videos where I’ll talk and play the game. I’ll try Twitch, as well as attempt at least one homage video to PewDiePie.