Samsung Chromebook Plus (2017)

I am attempting to make my chromebook into the ultimate writing machine. It already has a better keyboard than my MBP and is much lighter. The battery life is perhaps a bit suspect at less than 3 hours and it’s age is perhaps beginning to show.

I was supposed to write…

Banks Launder $2 Trillion Dollars

Remember how the media is always blaming Bitcoin for money laundering?

Remember how the media is always blaming Bitcoin for working with criminals, violating international sanctions and then doing it again without showing even a modicum of remorse?

It turns out that the Bitcoiners weren’t the biggest criminals in the past five years — it was the bankers.

Leaked documents from the United States Financial Crimes Enforcement Network show that the Banks have allowed criminals to move more than 2 Trillion dollars — yes I said it right it’s 2 trillion with a T — 2 TRILLION Dollars —…

The man in the checkered suit sauntered into the room, his cigar was already fuming. His face said ‘Oh boy have I got a job for you’ but his mouth was mainly smoke.

“People want change.” he said, in between puffs on the cigar, “but they don’t believe in anything.

Anything you do or say will be taken as either commercial or self-serving and likely both. Any attempts to invoke tradition or larger concepts like the greater good will be mocked and vilified. Both sides have armor like this and there is no middle.

But they want change.

They want…

The pattern on the ties formed a GRID.

Went to rainy Nottingham yesterday. Didn’t see the sherrif but did see the statue of Robin Hood and a phenomenal amount of scaffolding covering up what I can only assume is his castle. What a thing it will be when it’s done. For now I just glanced at the magnificence of the rock that it’s built on, the ancient pub from the 1100s as we headed to coffee and the museum.

Great exhibit at the Manchester Contemporary, a modern art museum. As you may well know, modern art is very hit or miss for me. I did have a membership…

Take your protein pills and put your helmet on.

Good Morning Bitcoin! It just broke $5000. Again. Up from around $4100 just this morning. So that’s a nice thing to wake up to, even though I’m still slightly out of timezone, went to bed at a good time, but woke up waaaay too early.

Hung out with my good friend in Derby yesterday. Tooled around the town, amazing how British truly British towns look. Brick everywhere, old curvy streets from the time of horses and buggies and they let them park anywhere they damn well want. Cuts the lane down to one? No problem, you can park it there…

According to the clock I’ve got ten minutes left in the old time zone to write 750 words. It was going to be very close.

I spent the day at the Las Vegas airport waiting endlessly for my flight. In all the total delay was something like 32 hours. I was supposed to fly out Friday at 3:00 PM, but I ended up leaving Saturday night at 1:00 AM. It was a big difference. I went home in between while the others were sent to a hotel for the night and then dragged back to the airport all day. I…

Iron Man, a true patience master at work.

Pretty standard start to the morning. Woke up, pounded out some words, learned some German and then began the waiting. I had to wait until it was time to leave, until it was time to go through security, until it was time to wait some more. It was a day of waiting. Also a day of avoiding typical entertainment. Who wants to sit in a chair watching movies all day after you’ve just sat in a chair watching movies all day? I pass the time walking, standing, stretching and waiting. Lots of waiting.

Then the email arrived. Your flight is…

Buy the ticket, take the ride.`

This is it. Time is running out. Woke up a few times last night. Excited. Trying not to think about how “it’s the last time I’ll sleep in my bed for a while… it’s the last time I’ll look out this window for a while… It’s the last time I’ll go see a show in Vegas… for a while.” But it’s all true anyway. Within 24 hours I’ll be officially on the road again, likely still in an airplane, landing soon in Manchester where I’ll arrive early for the Coinfest conference. Of course all the conferences are scheduled at the…

Obviously he woulda found a part for his pal Spade

Good morning Bitcoins! Starting to run out of time before my trip. Suddenly time is measured in days not weeks, hours not days. Spent part of the day messing with my electronics. Turns out my recorder had one volume level set to 75, the other set to 15. So that would explain the unequal sound. Course why would it default to this, I dunno, but there it is, likely problem found and solved. I also ordered another set of microphones so I could have two cardioid which might be better than the mixed set I have now. It’s tough because…

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