I’m amazed, disappointed and saddened that my intelligent, progressive friends, on my side, the…

Alright here’s the criticism.

Yes, the math is wonky as hell. But that’s how it already is! The whole nomination process is so ridiculous and when someone comes up with a legitimate (however unlikely) possible way to win and then you continue to discredit us. It’s so maddening. “But Benie camp, why won’t you guys support Hillary if she’s the nominee?” Maybe cause we don’t agree with her policies, her campaign structure, her disgusting attacks against the people in her own party. She’s the divider, Bernie is the glue holding onto the already fractured party.

This isn’t even close to Climate change denial, that’s an extremely ignorant statement. This is our last hope of fighting for a lot of very important movements that we know Clinton doesn’t support, not because we’re getting paid off to deny a scientific fact.

Alright, Bernie vs. Hillary on getting things done in office. One candidate is respected by Republicans, is the largest political organizer in the current field, appeals to democrats and independants. The other is hated by republicans (Who currently control the senate and house), can’t organize any movement whatsoever (can’t even keep women in her camp and that’s her strongest suit), and appeals to only half the Democratic party and not at all with independants. Obama has been a disastrous situation because of the obstructionism from republicans. Hillary is Obama 2.0, what makes you think she’ll get anything done (for something out of her control).

Ya, emotions are running high. You can say that again. But the more MSM and the Clinton camp dismiss us, the more radical all of these articles, math, and criticism will be. That’s just the nature of it.

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