“And finally, things are going to become very, very interesting when the super-delegates and the…
Dread Beard

This is how a majority of us feel. Clinton is moving the democratic party in a direction that we desperately don’t want. It’s our right to have someone represent us. If the democratic party no longer represents the Bernie supporters, you expect us to just go along with the party? Many people want a third party, if the Democratic party keeps moving right, we will make that third party a viable party.

Also, you say we are holding the party hostage. I can see how Clinton supporters could think that, but it’s more of the fact that Bernie CLEARLY will do better than Clinton against Drumpf. I am scared shitless that Drumpf will become president and our damn party is sending the most unfavorable candidate in history against him. It’s just a disastrous situation.

And you can say tough luck to Bernie supporters, as long you’re ok with us saying it right back when you come canvassing at our residences in October and November. I want to see the party unite, but the Clinton camp has continuously discredited us, told us we don’t know what we’re talking about, and pushed us away from the party. Stop blaming us for the ugly climate that she has created within the party. Start demanding for her to stop with this ugly campaign and to hold at least an ounce of honestly and integrity. Until that happens, we will be with Bernie. And until we can say that we feel comfortable with Clinton, you bet your butt we’ll fight as hard as we can for Bernie to be the Democratic Nominee.

It’s time to start working together. So I ask you Clinton supporters, get with the realization that a Drumpf presidency is inevitable if you keep up with the downright disgusting attacks to our camp.

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