I will give freedom.


I will give freedom, I only want one term, I will ratify the U.S. Constitution. I will make people follow the law and let them know they have the right to be engaged in their medical laws, and mandate the decriminalization Act. MHMR people travel and deserve to smoke their natural sativa in any state/US Territory.

There is one hundred and thirty plus governments and one hundred twenty plus cultures. I know we can all be friends. Quote President Barack Hussein Obama II, “Racism is a challenge.” I am pro black, AFROCENTRIC culture. I will give freedom.

The Great Migration will not be stopped. Terrorist will find no safehaven.

I have challenged our US Army and military personnel to get at least one person registered to vote. I want the U.S. voting system installed in all countries. I want to take a whole class of people, poor class, and make them middle class. I want a Harmonically rejoicefull North America. Every culture has an Identity. I will give freedom. I will stop the assassinations of our civil right leaders.

If anybody gave a damn about lives prior to me and President Barack Hussein Obama II, they would have made sure my culture has more than 10% representation as politicians. I will give freedom. I will put life on the Periodic Table as O, for the blood. O blood is Universal and has yet to be added into the periodic table. Past political injustification of blacks need cancellations.

I am an Independent and if Malcolm X was alive today he would have an I after his name for Independent. We need a new symbol of peace for new states and territories of the United States. I want Jalds the symbol of peace for North America, Syria, Cuba, and Germany . Monarchs have been the symbol of peace for the US, Mexico and Canada.I want Perfect Water the symbol of peace for Kenya, Nigeria, and Ghana Africa. I will give Freedom.