Being Here

I imagine most people know at least one person who says things that make you go “What the hell?” Things that make no sense or that reference some event or law that you’ve never heard of (and really doubt is accurate or true).

You might ask them “What are you talking about?” or “WHY do you think that’s true?” and when they say, “I saw it on Fox,” you think, “Oh, good grief, of course. That explains it.”

You might even recall that study someone did that found Fox News viewers were not only less informed than people who watch regular mainstream news, but were remarkably misinformed about a large number of topics, and think, yep, this person has definitely been watching Fox News.

What you did not think is, “That guy’s gonna be President some day.”

But now that idiot who uncritically absorbed all the bullshit Fox News has been peddling for decades has somehow managed to end up in the White House. Much as Chance the gardener became President Chauncey Gardener because people mistook his simple-minded ramblings for profound insights, just enough Americans became convinced that the guy yelling at the TV had all the answers and voted him into office.

But while kind, gentle Chance the gardener helped people find their better selves, President Angry Fox Viewer is encouraging people to find their inner hate-spewing, incoherent, spittle-flecked bigot. This is not a light-hearted comedy that’s going to leave us in a pleasant mood. This is a news reel of 1930s Germany and we’re going to have to fight with every thing we’ve got to make sure it ends well.