Suppose Some Crazy Guy Became President

I know someone who believes there is an international conspiracy hiding facts about aliens (the outer space kind). When my son, who is a physicist, went to his first big physics conference, this person asked if they “read him in.” When my son said, “Uh, no, what are talking about?” conspiracy-nut person assured him they would tell him soon. Because ALL the scientists & world leaders are in on the conspiracy. Only a few other people (like him) are aware of the truth; everyone else is one of the “sheeple.”

If someone who shared this person’s delusions was elected President, this would make him feel very validated. “Finally! People will stop looking at me like I’m crazy! They’ll see I was right all along!”

Except he’d still be delusional and I would still try to explain to him that his beliefs make no sense. He’d probably be even angrier, because here’s proof (the President agrees with him!) and we STILL don’t believe him.

Do you think public figures and opinion writers would admonish us to reach out to him and his fellow believers in bizarre conspiracies and try to understand them?