The Great Safety Pin Battle

You know why those of us on the left are doomed? Because we are so f*cking hostile to a safety pin. To a lot of people wearing it is just a way to show what side of the fight they’re on. But…

(1) Because there was an implication of “safe house” associated with the Brexit safety pin, people are demanding that if you wear it you’d better be willing to take all the measures they believe it implies. They seem to be equating it with marking your house as a stop on the underground railroad.

(2) We demean the people who wear it because obviously they aren’t doing anything else and how dare them make themselves feel better with such a tiny gesture when they should be out here in the streets taking it to The Man or something.

I keep thinking it will settle down, that people will accept the safety pin as something tiny and symbolic, a modern day peace symbol, a Remembrance Day poppy. But nope. Every day I see more insults and challenges and charges.

We cannot respect each other enough to shrug off whatever questions or distaste we might have for a f*cking safety pin. How the hell are we going to get together to fight the horror show that is coming?