Thoughts on Swan Lake

Copyright: Luke Casey-Browne, House of Black

Copyright: Luke Casey-Browne, House of Black

The Swan Queen, Odette, has been bewitched by Baron Von Rothbart. By day she is a swan, at night she can retain her human form. Unless Prince Siegfried happens to be swan-hunting nearby, might it not be a bit dull: this night time, lakeside existence in human form? What can she, the big swans, cygnets and the rest find to do all night? There’s no library, internet cafe or 24/7 Mcdonald’s. Do they even have a television? How long can it take each night to clean up the molted feathers and swan’s shit…
 I wonder if at times Odette simply doesn’t bother with her swan to human transformation.
 Not to mention that she’d actually look a bit daft in the now far too tiny tiara.

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