Can These Apps Save YOUR HEALTH?

Technology has created massive changes to our world and to our lifestyles and it has worked its way into HEALTH! As the second part of my tips for New Years goals, we will go through how technology can make your fitness life easier WOO!

For those who are unsure of which application is best for what, not to worry, I have done the research for you hehe, these apps are trialled, true and tested and they pass my high standards :P

If your New Years resolution to:

  1. DRINK MORE WATER (most of us need to, don’t worry)

There are two apps I would recommend:

  • App: Waterlogged- This one is great because it integrates with your Apple Health on your phone, Fitbit or MyFitnessPal, giving you a more thorough look at your habits during the day. 
    It it very easy once you set up your favourite vessel for drinking and the measurements (metrics {ml,l} & volume{eg. 200/250}), after that you just click on the app and its 2 clicks and done. For me, anything that requires more than clicking in the app, and max 2 other clicks is too much work and I just won’t do it. This app is uber simple & quick.
  • App: Daily Water- This app is even easier, it is mainly measured by glasses of water, click into the app, click the glass and you’re done. It integrates with Apple Health & it charts your progress (I love charts) that way you can compare day to day, week to week your water consumption.

BEST PART & key component is that it has REMINDERS, yes! push notification to remind you to drink more water, which is so helpful, especially when it is a busy day.


While we all know we must go work out, either at home, outdoors or at the gym, we must also integrate exercise/movement into our everyday lifestyle. This can be done by parking further away and walking, taking the stairs instead of the elevators or walking or biking to your destination instead of taking the car.

Tracking devices like the FitBit and similar devices are great for measuring your movement, while I love my FitBit, as it helps me remember to do more activities to reach my daily goal, they can be costly and realistically we don’t NEED them to start moving. If you would like to track your movements/progress, I have a few free apps that help tremendously, are cost effective& one of these you may not even know is already tracking your steps!

  • App: Health
    If you have an iOS/apple phone, the latest updates in the software will have already be installed on your phone, if you click on this app, you will see it has already been tracking your steps, flights of steps you’ve climbed and the distance you have moved. How cool is that?!
  • App: Pumpup: This app is a wonderful creation that allows you to be part of a positive health community, sign up with your email or Facebook and you are set. You can follow inspirational people, find new work out routines & track your achievements. The BEST part is you can find timed workout and pick it to the amount of time you have. Only have 20 mins, it will show you a work out to do that only takes that long and will get your heart rate up and your blood pumping

3. EXTRAS- General Health

I am very passionate about women empowerment & that includes looking after our bodies and health. One of the most important steps for a woman in the reproductive age, in my opinion, is to track your menstrual cycle. This key to understanding the movements & changes within our body. If your cycle is like clock work, I envy you, however a lot of young girls are not and keeping track of it is important to establish good habits for our bodies.

Whether we like it or not, our bodies change throughout the month and understanding these changes is one of the MOST empowering tools I have come across as a woman. It could be used for planning events around or just know when to take it easier on your body, especially during fitness, if you are weighing yourself, you need to consider where you are in your cycle.

For tracking your period, if it is just what date it starts and finished or more advance where you are using for fertility, I recommend

  • App: P tracker : This app is easy, one tap to record when your period starts and one tap for when it ends. It also charts the duration between your periods for it and gives you an average of your cycle times. It can also predict where you are in your cycle from your previous data.

I cannot stress enough how important it is for girls/woman to get to know their own bodies. This is a wonderful step to start from :)

WARNING: this app is not to be use as a form of birth control or predicting, this is way too simple & not at all reliable for something so intricate.

I hope you found this blog useful! 
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Madame Health ❤ — Dr Diana Pakzamir


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