First, before you read this blog, I would like you to write down the numbers vertically 1 to 6 . Next, list the topics below in order of importance to you.

  • Family & Friends
  • Work & Money
  • Entertainment
  • Health & well being
  • Travel & exploration
  • Spirituality/Knowledge & Service

Now, look at your list… where is your health & well-being ranked?

Lets think about every other item in that list, now tell me, can any of these be achieved to their optimum without your health?

Can you be the best family member or friend? Can you work to the best of your ability, minimal sick days? Can you enjoy the entertainment without being able to move or get involved? Will travel be possible or even enjoyed without your health and well being? Can you serve to the best of your ability? Learn and grow, while you are sick or unwell?

In this world people, adventures and service are very important, however you cannot achieve any of these to the best of your potential without your health.

Now what is HEALTH?

Is it the state of being free of illness? or is it the state of ultimate vitality & wellness, that allows you to live every day to the fullest?

Wellness is performing at our optimum, having the mental, spiritual and physical strength to live everyday in a state of conscious living and there is no pill or easy fix for that.

In this world, we have our bodies, and we only get one of those. We use it to move, learn, take selfies and contribute to the world.

Some starting points to look after your gorgeous body ❤

  • FOOD- YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT! Now this one is a tricky one, with a variety of opinions.
  1. If you aren’t ready for the full blown diet change, PLEASEEEEEE decrease the amount of soft drinks you are consuming, the sugar, the phosphoric acid ekkk and this is an item that has become so common in people’s daily lives- I have links to studies on the affect of soft drinks on our bodies as a risk factor for deficiency in of calcium in our bloodstream (hypocalcemia) both in children & adults.

  • 2. H20 — Water! Most people are lacking in their water intake and it has an affect everywhere, on our health, skin, weight, muscles. We are 65-78% water, stop putting your body into a state of drought, it doesn't like it, trust me.
Wise words from Elle Woods (Legally Blonde)
  • EXERCISE- as human beings are designed to MOVE! We used to run around, hiding from lions and zebras, hunting, gathering and all that jazz. Now, as much as technology has enhanced our lives, it has given us Netflix and that leads to more time just sitting around, but this has a massive effect on our state of mind, we are no longer getting the endorphin's from exercise, making us SAD, pooo :(
  • SLEEEPPPPPP- Oh My GOSH is this important, for our hormones, mood, attention span, sanity!! but it is not only the length of time we sleep but the time of night we sleep. Now with all these gadgets and lights, we find it harder to go to bed. Sleeping at the proper time and within our circadian rhythm gives us better immunity, hair, skin, moods & hormones — woo good news all around. This ones a game changer, trust me!

Link to the study —

  • MIND- take some time for yourself, and reflect on what you are grateful for in your life, even if it is as small as your pinky finger- Be positive to yourself. Self Love is key to improving ourselves through our exercise, diet and spiritual/meditative needs.
  • Always remember there are health professionals who are trained to help with every aspect of those things I mentioned. Having trouble sleeping? Starting to exercise? Changing your diet, GET HELP! It is the BEST investment you can make.
    YOU are the best investment.

Do you feel pain in your body or mind, want to exercise?- GO! go see a health professional (Chiropractor, general practitioner, osteopath, physiotherapist, naturopath, psychologists, personal trainers) it makes a world of difference.

Y O L O- seriously, you only live ONCE, why not look after your body so you can travel? Be there for your kids? Be there for your family & friends? Serve your communities? Travel and go on adventures?

get ONE body, ONE shot- please take care of the temple you are housed in. It will be your best investment!

Much love,

Madame Health ❤ -Dr Diana Pakzamir