New Year, New You…

I am a big believer in improving yourself daily and with that, creating a change in your life can start any day or time, however the new year does allow for a mental refresh as annual activities are coming around again.

Now if one of your new year’s resolutions is to get ‘HEALTHY’, then this is written for YOU, and if not, read it anyways because you might find something useful :P

What is health?

The dictionary says it is a state of being free from illness or injury, and while this is a great definition, I challenge you to think deeper…

Health is being free from illness but it is also the basis on how we function in our lives, to be healthy we are present, aware and functioning at our optimum, mentally, physically & spiritually.

If your goal is to get healthy, I suggest working on these 3 areas on your health (which I will cover in the next 2 blogs) and wow you will see some massive improvements in your physical state and possibly your mental state.

(1) Food

Food is imperative to your health, we’ve all heard, you are what you eat, so don’t be cheap, easy, and greasy!

As a chiropractor I see a lot of radiographs (x-rays) and see many bone density issues such as osteoporosis or osteopenia and I am PASSIONATE on helping whoever is interested, on ways to avoid getting this and having healthy, strong bones, because trust me, you do not want to end up with osteopenia in your lifetime, your bones will be easier to break and get injured and you cannot function at your optimum.

You want to AVOID DAIRY! yes dairy! all these years of telling us it is good for our bones, no, no.

The amount of calcium there is in dairy and the pressure on the body to try and digest puts our body into a calcium deficit, hence leaving us with less calcium for our bones after drinking dairy milk. This applies to butter & cheese.

Another one is soft drinks or energy drinks, they are literally leeching calcium from our bodies.

Studies now conclude that dairy is not a good source of calcium. So where do we get calcium? GREENS! Think spinach, rocket/arugula, watercress, and collards. There are plenty of other sources of plant based foods that will increase your calcium levels which are also easily digested by your body.

If you’re going to change anything in your diet, decrease or eliminate dairy products & soft drinks. There are so many alternatives, you will be surprised how many taste amazing, I LOVE almond milk & coconut milk.

Link- Why we should be getting our calcium from plant based products & which plants to eat

Link- Negative effect of diary

Link- Negative effects of energy drinks

How to implement

  • BYE BYE! get rid of all dairy & soda in the house, if it is not there, you wont reach for it and if you choose once in a while to have it, you must go out for it or buy it then, making it more inconvenient and less likely to consume it too often.
  • Try different alternatives to drink, and see which you prefer, for replacing milk, try some plant based milks, coconut milk can be quite creamy for coffee’s and in recipes you can switch the exact measurement of dairy milk with plant based milk and it works perfectly (I’ve tried numerous times). For soft drinks, try mineral water for the fizzy effect or Ribena with mineral water, juice or just plain water (nothings better for you than plain water).
  • Increase the variety of greens in your salads and foods (refer to list linked above).

Please remember to be patient with yourself, generally it takes 3 weeks to stop craving dairy or soft drinks and 6 weeks for your body to fully recover from its effects if you find reactions to it. If you slip up, its ok, try again and eventually it will become the norm.

Calcium is very important for strong bones, among other things and adults under 50 years old require ~1000–1300mg of calcium a day, the link provides plants with calcium and their quantities to achieve the required daily intake.

Much love,

Madame Health ❤ — Dr Diana Pakzamir


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