2017 as the year of virtual reality revolution in the gaming sphere

Do you enjoy 3d video slots? See guys, another era has come. The virtual reality has been shifted from the science fiction to the real world where each person is able to get access to casino games in the domestic conditions. Can VR definitely integrate to the gambling industry in 2017? Is it the perspective step for the operators to get the profits from millennial? See some reviews of the experts.

What are the difficulties while creation VR technologies for the consumer’s games?

Aleksandr Tomik, owner of Slotsmillion: The only disadvantage is that not everyone is provided with VR glasses. The amount of people that play VR in our casino starts to grow. However, online casino is working for about a year and it is evidence that the process of technology infusion is too slow. Of course, it is because of the prices of VR equipment.

Robert Tom: Really, for the concrete use and management consumers need physical equipment. VR technology provides the high carrying capacity and intensity. The effect of VR is not really known however some changes in the human brains are observed. We work under the creation of casino games that do not influence on the player’s feelings in order to not lose the connection with reality.

Christopher Reid: From my point of view, one of the biggest difficulties includes the player’s adaptation to brand new technology. The research group Research Data has determined that the sales of PlayStation VR reached 2,6 millions of items to the end of 2016. If the users have some troubles with the VR adaptation, it will be really hard for gaming operators to develop such effective product that is able to hold the gamblers.

What are the terms of VR adaptation in the domestic conditions?

RT: The technology develops rapidly, coping with the difficulties and passing certain levels of the evolution. We are sure that the next 12 months will be successful for VR availability at any home.

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