Cutting Edge Trends and Psychological Impact on Gambling

Technology has an all pervasive impact on out lives and shapes so much of out thoughts and activities in both direct and indirect ways. In the gambling studies field its impact continues to pose new challenges arising ftom emerging changes in risk factors the potential adverse consequences of which players in the future might face. To give context to this, the most notable changes and trends resulting from the impact of technology with implications for problem of gambling are assessed and while the social responsibility practices remain essentially the same for gaming operators, increasing technological aaccess means that they may have to think about which groups of people should be the focus of harm minimisation.

Technology has changed the nature of gambling practices over the last decade and is continuing to do so. This article briefly overviews the most notable changes and trends that the gambling studies field is witnessing as a consequence of the technology’s influence. Many of the trends outlined here might have direct or indirect implications for the gaming industry, particularly as some of these trends may be changing the risk facctors associated with problem gambling that players in the future may face.

Clearly, gambling is not the only one area where technology has had a significant influence. Work and leisure more generally have become increasingly technologised and remote for both can now be done without ever having to leave the home.

It is clear that mobile gambling is still a relatively untapped area but the functional capabilities of mobile phones and other devices are improving all the time. There are now Internet sites that allow mobile phones to download casino style games to the gambler’s phone or play instantly as at iMoneySlots.

This will have implications for the psychological impact of gambling and will need monitoring. Like online gambling, mobile has the capacity to completely change the people thoughts about gambling and betting. Mobile devices provide the comfort of making bets or gambling from whenever the person is, even if they are on the move. This will aid various sectors within the gaming industry.

Very notable trend where technology has impacted on the gambling field is in the area of help, guidance and the treatment of problem gamblers. Socially, responsible online gambling sites typically feature links to relevant gambling help and awareness sites. Help in the form of online therapy may be an option for some problem gamblers.