Why We started to develop another Running App

There are hundreds of running Apps are available. Why do you want to create another one? The question is, What do most running Apps do?. They just track your run, log the data and provide pretty graphs and tables. Some Apps provide data analytics by giving you some insight about your performance.

We feel that daily running can be more exciting if you add in some competition. Sometimes it’s fun to run with a friend or race a group of people. These two things can motivate more people run more frequently.

The problem is that there is no way to race on a daily or weekly basis, it is difficult to find a friend or group that can run in same location.

So we decided to solve this problem through a new type of running App called RaceRunner . We are in now 2017, it is almost 10 years since introduction of first iPhone. Most smart phones are every sophisticated and included variety of on-board sensors. There are more exciting things can be done today than just data logging.

Using RaceRunner App you can create a race and invite your friends, no matter where they are. Everyone can run in different geographic locations, but at the same time together in a real time race. The App is voice guided, you will hear your position in the race, how far you behind to next person and your time to finish. Your friends can watch the live race from their phone and send you cheer up messages.

There are many more features included in RaceRunner App. For a example you can find a buddy to run together. Both of you are connected and each can see other person run. You can chat and share photos even voice call while running with your buddy.

We are trying to solve an interesting problem. There are many challenges, how to eliminate cheaters, how to synchronize time zone difference. Hopefully we will make it.