Building an hybrid website

When you live what you do, there are no fridays or week-ends anymore.
I have completely lost the track of time and just follow the sunlights and moon vibes.

Ohlalalala!!! No… I cannot believe 2 months have passed by since my last post…So let me rewind a bit about what happened since the last photo shoot…


(the E-site)

I have started it in the middle of September and as usual made so many versions of it, which I will uncover below. Put it on hold from half October to November, as I wanted to sew at least 5 prototypes for the photoshoot as I needed pictures for the website and I was exhibtiting 4 more prototypes for the first time on December at a fashion show.

I got back slowly into website designing end of December and been really focus on finishing up details on it from middle of january until 3 days ago.

To make it easier to read, I have divided the post in 3 mains questions that will help me share all the tools I needed to realise Connected.

Ps: you will need yours headsphone and a Flyy Mood :)! Ready?!

Where did I get my inspiration from?

The day I wrote my business plan in 2015, I had a lot of clear ideas about designs. It is absolutely not what you can see now lol. What is in my mind was really way much more creatively crazy and I am not a designer to be able to articulate it at any level of online creativity. Because there is still a room to extract what’s in my mind and digitalize it, I will keep it secret for now :)!

During 2016, I discover many artist that I naturally related to. I do believe strongly that even if I do not watch theirs videos clips a lot, the few times I did, must have worked out my subconscious.

I relate to theirs voices, calm beats, soft/vintages colours and raw images.

I haven’t heard about them before March/April 2016 but no there’s always theirs songs somewhere in any of my playlists.

Here is my top 6 most influencials graphism videos & songs :

Connected (e-site):

Unplugged (blog)

HeartDrums (the fashion video)

  • Warm Winds, by SZA ft Isaiah Rashad
  • Window Seat, Erykah Badu (for the message behing the images

We can see the link between all those artists such as the suave & very individual style, modern ethnic vibes, opinions minded, strong statement through adversity and still kind of open minded, exhibiting diversity even “weirdness” (yes I quote it lol). Exactly the culture I aim to build through Utopy and worked out on the website. There are no standards, no artifices or over the top fakeism, “narcissist marketing” (selling you that you’re not good enough the way you are or the way you look).

Which platforms have been used?

I am using Wix.com to make the webiste. For the globe picture below I have used the website pixabay, as you can see, it was originally silver and black but I wanted to make it look warmer to the user’s eyes, that is why it’s pinkish/gold on Connected. About 90% of the pictures used have been modified on my phone as I am way much confortable than on a laptop (I know, “weird” lol), the app I am using is called Pixel Effect on Android. Finally, because I really wanted Connected to be interactive, I have ordered 3 clothing vectorisations via Fiveer. It took over 2 months to have them but it was worth the file.

What was the website’s main stages?

So many!!! To start with I knew that I clearly wanted :

- some clouds and some smokey effects

- opposite to Unplugged colours and dreamy vibe

- even if I did start with a lot of blue, i was looking for hot and strong colours

- urban, slightly sportive, nerdy, astro and modern outlook theme

-a 2.0 kind of vibe, with animations and interactives pages

These was some of the few of the stages I have been through. I have never built any website or pages before so it took a very long time to build this on my own all alone and try to make it hybrid in the online jungle of designing. I strived to have something out of ordinary because what I want is to bring value to the customer so that they can feel it’s more than a business to me, it is meaningfull.

We often think that designing a website should be automatically left for professional designers or “pre-made online fast look” which I disagree with, this is why I preferrred to start on a blank page and used tools, play and modify them to suit my thoughts.

I know that, for some people, it looks and sounds obviously suspicious that I put so much effort into Utopy and do it all by myself. But the only thing I can say is when you have a purpose that it is bigger than yourself, it is hard to find someone with the same vision or the same passion/stamina to get on board with you, no matter how transparent you can be with them. Therefore, I just keep going, as I believe this is my destined life path and I have no choice than to make it as good as I can.

Voilà, voilà…this is how I proceed to complete Connected, it took me 3 months to do it but I will do it all over again and again if I had to.

And you? What are you up to? are you also building a website on your own? I f yes, inbox me, maybe I know few tools that can serve you?

Thank you for reading!!! There are a lot coming up soon, until then we stay in touch!

> From Paris, with Love <