HeartDrums backstages… Scene 11, act 11

Did you saw me dancing??
Oh Yeah… I got confused!.. that will be in next week vlog post on my Youtube channel!

This week I have posted a video related to HeartDrums which was explaining my track of thoughts when editing it and what was my societal statement through it.

Today, I am uncovering the backstages… Ouhlala … the behind the scenes of the video from A to Z.


A photoshoot was done in November with 6 of the prototypes, the others 5 were to be shown for the video. At first, I thought I wouldn’t be able to edit the video myself and I have asked a new youtubeuse if she would give me hand for it. I didn’t really know what I wanted the video to come out but I had some scenes in mind that I wanted to do.

On last week blog post, I uncover the 6 most influentials artists whom inspired me on how I’ve created my blog, website and video (missed it? read it here).


The topic is to tell a story around the Identity through society and through attire.

As a black woman I know how it is to grow up in a society that is not yet willing to fully accept you as are with yours differences, whatever they can be.

Nowadays, a lot of brands are targeting diversity but the truth is that in stores or in offices the mentality is not yet completely opened or yet awakened to tomorrow’s world.

When I started it was so hard to find a black woman with natural hair and then once you find one it was pretty difficult to open up to such a brand perspective… why?

I heard: “It’s too political”.

Are ours natural beauty assets a political subject?

Are our skin a political topic?
Should we agree with that?!

I remember a special meeting I had, where 2 girls told me that there was no way for them to buy anything worn by a black dark skin woman on the ad. My first reaction was, “I don’t understand why”.

As an African woman in a Caucasian society I have never thought twice about buying anything because of the model’s skin colour.

My second train of thought was, “is colourism such a big deal for some people, that they can not value objectively a brand for what is being sold? but only based on the model’s look in a narcisstic marketing strategy? Moreover, are clients buying this brand because it sells them that they’re closer to that type of beauty than any others ethnicities? Or they’re not even aware of how this kind of statement sounds like?”

Most of us are aware of this reality even if we try to deny it (after spending 6 years abroad, I wasn’t aware anymore of that commercial skin taboo before someone said it straight in my face in 2016).

On the contrary, within the diaspora, as a black woman (men got more choices on this topic), if you’re not selling any wax clothing (which does not belong to African’s traditions btw) you’re obviously on the wrong side of the “line”… a suspicious side… Like “why would you be pro-black and not selling wax?”.

I know how strange this sounds, because deep down we want to be recognized as existing and as powerful as others (which is our leitmotiv) but we feel stressed out once we have to put ourselves towards and rejects what has been taught to us even when it do us wrong and enhance contradictory personalities.

Utopy is definitely communicating to people whom are aware of any miscunceptions or societal misleading which brings astopia to one mental balance, body balance and health balance. I wanted to use the main and natural asset to any black woman to show them that it is indeed one of many cognitive dissonance, to show theirs breasts and behinds and still so hardly and expensively keep their hair hidden or transformed to be recognized as beautifulL nor successfulL.

The last point concerns the relationship of each one within the same planet. The fact that society educate us on a “national identity” and acknowledging “borders” between countries, programs our mind that somewhere, somehow, there are limitations around us. Deeper than this, everything or everybody whom is a stranger to the “false common educational identity” must be allowed with a controlled checkpoints.

This, is the basics of how mind works.

Mind and body are connected, indeed, when society teach that you’re safe within the “borders” therefore anything that doesn’t relate as considered “like wise” is seen as a threat.

Here’s a video explaining my thoughts on the differences between Identity, Education and Culture.


Basically, the video shoot was supposed to happen on Thursday 19th, in the afternoon, with one model. We tried. But the temperatures was the winner that day, I think it was minus 10 or even more. I felt like a piece of ice once I got home which is 10min away by walk…only, lol.

Finally we postponed it to Monday 22nd, I have just ceased the opportunity to find 1 more model as I had some images in mind that I wanted to recreate. Therefore, on Sunday evening, I’ve asked to Silé (I was in touch with her since september) if she would be interested to take part in, she agreed and told me she would confirm her availabilities. Silé wasn’t available on Monday, therefore we met on Friday January 27th at 8:00pm near the Eiffel Tower, the other person met us about 2 hours later but the whole footage was completely done since 9:20pm. We stayed and tried to capture more images but it didn’t worked out as I wanted too, next time maybe.


As you know Utopy’s logo is ending with an upside down “Y” representing the symbol of peace and the Eiffel Tower. Since quiet sometime I wanted to have a photoshoot at this special spot which is close from where I live. I found this bridge quiet amaizing with all the perspectives and the natural colours. The first time I have been on that bridge I loved its structures, which make the ceiling almost endless at night. The vintage colours of the grey’s, black and the gold Eiffel Tower, especially at night, made the video look even deeper and stronger.


Editing the video took me up to 10hours for the images and 5–6hours for the sound. I lost my first version so I had to start all over again, so you can add+6hours lol. ​I have found out about the software Filmora, which is very easy to use with an accessible price. To make some quick trailer for insta and fb, I always use Videoshow on Android.

> Little Reminder, here’s the video HeartDrums


Editing the video took me up to 10hours for the images and 5–6hours for the sound. I lost my first version so I had to start all over again, so you can add+6hours lol. ​I have found out about the software Filmora, which is very easy to use with an accessible price. To make some quick trailer for insta and fb, I always use Videoshow on Android.

> Little Reminder, here’s the video HeartDrums

The slow motion and rewind sequences represents the facts that us, as a society, does most often go backwards when it’s actually easier to move forward. We always go back to what we knew as it is conforting even when it’s insane, unhealthy or even dangerous for our growth.


When the 3D colours effects happens, simultaneously we can hear some bells ringing. I have used a silver anklet called ghungharu (ankle bracelet) that I have bought in 2014 in Mumbai, India.

The African drums means the origins, the source and the heart beats , which inspired the video’s title to HeartDrums.

In the middle of the video we can hear a man screaming “fire”, then a shot followed by a police radio. At the same time the 3 key words “Explore, Envision, Embody” appeared on screen whereas only 1 image is moving when the 2 others don’t act.

After that, it comes back to the first scene where she tries to move forward but she always goes back to the 1st point. Once she slowly goes completely backwards and comes back harder by multiplying herself but finally comes back to thy self.

“Everytime you see me, I come as 1 but I stand at 10.000”
Maya Angelou

Voilà! This was the backstage of the whole process on thinking/making this conceptual video.

Except the fact that the videoshoot has been postponed twice and I had to re-do the sounds, it all went smooth, everything that was supposed to happen, happened on time, at the right pace, at the right time, at the right place.

Thank you for reading through. There’s a lot coming up soon, until then We Keep in Touch.

> From Paris, with Love <