Critical Reflection #3

“An understanding of how changes in technology impact on the way humans communicate, and the ethical issues that surround these changes”

Have you ever considered what a world without technology might be like?… Words like Boring? or More interactive (Face to Face)? May pop into your mind. Personally i cant think of what a world would be like without technology. Technology has been a form of communication since I can remember. It can be tiering and time consuming checking your social media accounts a few times a day. With there being so many social media forms of communication such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and Skype it is defiantly a good way to stay in touch with family and friends, however, is it replacing valuable time of personal Face to face interaction?

There is no doubt in my mind that technology isn’t ever changing and growing. Every year there is always a new release of the apple Iphones. Currently there was a release of the Iphone 7. This phone has new features that the other Iphones do not have such as matt black colour, longer lasting battery life ever seen in Iphones, best camera seen on apple products and the most crazy part there is no earphone jack…WHAT?!?!. People go crazy for the craze of better. Better. BETTER. forms of technology. I am all for technology but I found that it was a bit ridiculous when people line up for 3 days for the Iphone 7 and then when someone gets the first Iphone 7 in the world it becomes top news and they become ‘famous’. What has the world come too?

With all that being said watches are now the not just a device that can tell the time or a fashion statement they have evolved into a mini tracker or phone on your wrist. An example of this would be the Apple watch and the Fit bit. The fit bits features include:

  • A stylish wristband
  • Tracks sleep
  • Tracks steps
  • Tracks distance travelled
  • Tracks active minutes
  • Tracks calories
  • Receive calls but cant answer
  • Heart rate sensor
  • Time

The Apple watch includes:

  • GPS/maps
  • Wi-fi
  • Heart rate sensor
  • Bluetooth
  • Receive calls and texts
  • Tracks steps
  • Tracks distance travelled
  • Time
  • Apps
  • Display screen (small tablet)

These products have changed the way communication has grown and is now ready available on a wrist. We can now communicate to another person through a watch? Who would of ever thought that could happen.

It is expected that with any product or changes within products that there will be ethical issues. An example on one ethical issue would be the privacy issues that arise while using social media. If you didn’t know before well now you do… everything you do stays online forever… for example when using snapchat it may disappear off your screen and the person you sent it too, however, it stays on the data base for life. As soon as you make a profile with a social media account you start your digital tattoo/footprint which also stays with you for life. Privacy is a serious issue with most social media as once you upload a photo or video or update a status there is not much that stops this from being shared around the world. As a digital user myself this is something that I am risking. The ethical issue of bullying is more dominant than ever before. The reasoning for this is because bullying does not just stop at school it is continued at home on social media.

Signing off MC

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