Time to get personal

Where to start… I completed my HSC in 2014 and had applied to study a Bachelor of Nursing. However I had a few health issues which lead to me being forced to take a gap year. In this gap year I worked as a nanny for two children one in kindy and the other in year 2. I was also employed by my fathers company and took on the accounts receivable and payable role. During this though time I decided if nursing was really for me. There were a lot of ‘ifs’ and ‘buts’ but my passion and patience for children which I had learnt through my job helped me decide that teaching was my calling.

Now that I am in University my job has changed a little. I am still a nanny to two children however they are in year 2 and 4. I feel as if they challenge me and are already giving me practice for what’s in store when I become a teacher. I also still work for my fathers company.

A bit more information about me: Not only do I work, but i also love playing netball. I love team sports and think that working as a team really helps you to work and co-operate with other people in life. My team Recently finished the season and came 2nd in the division.

Runners up!

I Also love to do art. I find art something really relaxing a fun to do. I completed art in my HSC, but it doesn't stop there i still love doing art today.

My Year 11 Artwork – tattoo
One of my recent artworks

I also love going out with my friends! Can’t say no to shopping or going out for food. Or even just spending time with them.

And.. theres more to come!

Signing off MC

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