Hustle. Connect. Share. Repeat. — A Four-Step Formula for Achieving Your Goals
Jill Falk


Hustling is a lot easier said than done. The meaning is simple, do work. But, actually doing work is much harder. It involves hours of studying, researching, and practicing. In the end, all that hard work pays off. Malcolm Gladwell believes that it takes roughly ten thousands hours of practice to master a field. The most successful people have put in their hours of practice to refined their skills.

Applying the hustle to my journey as a web and graphic designer means getting in the habit or planning, analyzing, studying, reflecting, and perfecting. Practicing will improve my skills and make a noticeable different in my work. There are thousands of amazing designers publishing their work. When browsing through Behance, it clearly shows that the top designers have put in their hours of practice and sets them apart from everybody else. I am nowhere near the top level of some of those designers, but by practicing everyday, hopefully I will become a little bit closer.


Building connections is essential in the design/technology industry. Getting a recommendation or good connection helps when landing a job. Thanks to Linkedin and other websites, it is becoming easier to network and build connections. Along my journey to find connections, I found that joining clubs, network groups, and associations is resourceful and a good way to get started. I recently became a member of AIGA, an organization for designers and wish I had done it sooner! It is easy to search for jobs and internships, as well as, events and classes in my local area.

I think connecting also means staying in the loop. As an inspiring front-end developer, knowing what’s going on in my industry is extremely important. People are always presenting new ways to code and develop websites. Connecting and following the leaders on social media helps me keep up with the current news and trends in the industry.


Sharing my work is the hardest thing for me. I think that is why it took me a while to have an online presence. I never fully feel like my work is completely finished, I always think something can be improved. On my journey as a web and graphic designer, I would love to publish more of my work online. Building out my Behance and Dribbble portfolio I think would be a great start. I can handle constructive criticism and love to make improvements on my projects, so I have no excuses to not share more.


It is important to never stop learning or give up on yourself. Always hustle, connect, share, and repeat the process. There is always going to be more knowledge to gain, more people to meet, and more experiences to have.