AirBnB and Summer Search: What They can do for you

Many companies will team up with another cause to support something, show the consumer what their company is about and beyond. I found that Airbnb is teaming up with Summer Search to offer high school graduates and their families pay for their accommodations as they visit different college campuses as well as college graduations. Airbnb blogged about this on July 29, 2015. This cause may not be their number one focus in regards to being philanthropic, yet, this is just a fun way to get involved in the community while making a huge impact on high school graduates and their families. Not only has Airbnb been making hype out of their summer of service, Summer Search has also released press releases stating that they are also very excited to team up with Airbnb to make college visits possible for students as this is a very exciting, yet, costly milestone.

Airbnb tells a true story about how Airbnb has teamed up with Summer Search, a nonprofit organization, to accommodate low income families help their recent grad find the school that will be right for them for the next four years of their life. While college comes with many more expenses other than college visits, graduation ceremonies, or just a crazy adventure, “having a place to stay while getting to know a potential new college community or to celebrate as a family during a special time like college graduation is often a luxury our students cannot afford” said Amy Saxton who is the CEO of Summer Search. Summer Search is an organization that is tailored to help young college students become successful leaders. If these companies do not look like a match made in heaven for this cause, I’m not sure what does.

The cause doesn’t only represent one company, but two, that being Airbnb and Summer Search. The idea was toiled by Airbnb, however, “When Airbnb invited us to participate in Open Homes, we were thrilled for the opportunity to provide our students with this additional support. We are grateful for our partners at Airbnb and the Airbnb host community for opening their doors and welcoming our students and their families,” said Saxton. The cause is really a group effort due to the fact that as Airbnb provides the space and housing for wide-eyed incoming freshman, while Summer Search is funding the accommodation. How do I know? Although it isn’t clearly stated that Summer Search is funding these accommodations, various statements and looking into what both companies do help us understand the reasoning behind this duel project, “Amy Saxton, CEO of Summer Search, saw the Airbnb’s Open Homes program as a perfect solution for students from every background to have a chance to celebrate that they would otherwise not be able to afford. That’s why Airbnb, through our Open Homes philanthropic program, decided to partner with Summer Search to provide dozens of students and their families with coupons for free accommodations during their upcoming college visits and graduations”.

This is a very new idea that Airbnb has implemented. Airbnb is not typically known to be extremely philanthropic, however, it is an amazing new campaign that Airbnb is doing in efforts to grow the business even larger than it already is. Airbnb’s “send off to college” is part of a larger campaign, which is called “Open Homes Program”, this is essentially giving coupons to those loyal Airbnb guests. Open homes will give the loyal guests discounted prices to free lodging.

Airbnb is being innovative by taking an already existing campaign and just enhancing it a bit to benefit the community by adding the chance to aid those who are dedicated and devoted to advancing in their educational careers. Airbnb and Summer Search’s duel philanthropic efforts are interesting because the two companies essentially have little if not any competition for a cause like this. When organizations think aiding to those who may not have the money to go to school, organizations think what kind of scholarship can they give out. However, Airbnb and Summer Search are thinking outside of the box and are thinking along the lines of “how can we contribute to helping students find the school of their dreams? How can we allow families to celebrate their college graduates graduation?” And for thinking outside the box that way and reaching out to a bigger audience that not only affects one person but an entire family, I give you two a round of applause.

I’m not the only one who feels this way about their cause, many other mediums have also been giving the two companies shout outs for this cause as well. Why? Because it has to do with encouraging young adults to go on and get a degree, put some blood, sweat and tears into their academics, and become a marketable, intelligent, contributing member to society.

Other brands can look at this example and think about what they can do to contribute to society. Airbnb and Summer Search have somehow made it look very easy, yet, it would not look easy if this idea was totally and entirely impossible. I like this example because it takes something that both companies have that already exists and they just implement something that is not only beneficial to the community, but it is something that can also change someone’s life.