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Three questions answered…maybe.

It’s been a hot minute since The Haunting of Hill House, Mike Flanagan’s first outing with Netflix, aired but fans still have questions. There’s a pleasure in not knowing precisely what was intended when a thematically complex series enters the cultural consciousness. It gives viewers permission to…

On the book that everyone’s talking about.

Zeitgeist is a fantastic word. Zeitgeist! It’s the only word I’ve come across that accurately qualifies the “it factor” of a particular period. Zeitgeist is jazz in the 1920s and rock ‘n roll in the ’50s. It’s the French Revolution and tales of…

7 Reasons Why Clue is the Best Movie Ever Made

Credit Paramount Pictures.

Clue is, quite possibly, the best movie ever made. That’s a bold statement but stay with me.

Objectively speaking, Clue is a murder mystery that tanked at the box office in 1985. It doesn’t ask important questions or speak to…

An introvert in a city of books.

I wish I could say that I’m an adventurer, but I’m not. I don’t adventure or quest or sally forth or campaign. In truth, I’m kind of a hermit. It’s not that I don’t love to see new places, so much as I’m…

Lets talk about lipstick, lingerie and that dress that makes you look like you belong in a Hollywood film. You know — feminine, pretty, girly things, and our somewhat conflicted relationship with them.

Awhile ago, I had a conversation with a woman who claimed that “girly-girls are weak.” Now, I’m…

Old Couple and Young Woman at Cafe by Frank Paulin (1961)

I’ve been writing erotica and blogging about sex for about two years now. One question I’m often asked is why. Why would I write in a genre that receives so little respect? It’s a surprisingly difficult question to answer. One that, in the end, doesn’t go anywhere because my reasons…

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