Reporter Eric Mennel was reporting from StartupBus New York City, on its way through the Blue Ridge Mountains.

Last year, award-winning reporter Eric Mennel joined us on the New York StartupBus in its journey to New Orleans. I was the conductor of the bus, and I am glad Eric got to witness the beauty and absurdity of a journey that can only exist in the 21st Century.

It was hard to describe the strangeness and euphoria of seeing a group of wild, focused, talented, and nervous adult humans, with their glowing screens filled with maddening amount of magical abstract symbols, committed to an errand sitting in a steel box traveling at 70mph on the edge of a cliff…

…but, but I can’t wait to turn this thing on!!

Onboarding Experience and Initial Personalization

My first mobile device was the Compaq Aero (Wow, Amazon reviews from 1999!), running on Microsoft Windows CE Palm-size PC Edition. As the chairperson of the computer club of my high school, I bought one to show my classmates and club members where computing would be heading.

It turned out to be a pretty accurate vision, despite the hardware was still a decade behind. The Aero was larger than my palm and heavier than my camera, but it only had a 3" screen. Windows CE didn’t have a Start Screen, instead, surprise, surprise! It has a Start Menu. …

Madelena Mak

UX Designer and Founder of sorts. National Director of StartupBus. Lover of beauty, designs, ideas, insights, and randomness.

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