The Editors-in-Class blend Spotify and the News in one Playlist to Rule them All.

In a recent communications class, Scott Keaton and I were tasked with compiling 15 news stories from local sources. Out of those 15 we picked 10 to match with appropriate music from Spotify that fits the story. Fun, right? Check out the list below, accompanied by the Spotify playlist link!

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  1. Baby Come Back-Player
Why do I feel like this student wants to sing this to Lindenwood? He was two classes away from graduating with his master’s, so we’ll have to wait and see if LU says to him “Baby come back…” I wouldn’t want to be that guy right now, though.

2. Wish You Were Here-Pink Floyd

Although this one might be a bit of a stretch, I’m sure the victims of the purse thievery “wish you (or their purses) were here.” Pink Floyd definitely speaks about missing people in these songs, but hey, you can miss objects too, right? Sure, like I said, it’s a stretch but just bear with me here.

3. Blow-Ke$ha

In Ke$ha’s popular song “Blow,” the hook consists of lyrics saying “this place about to blow,” (with a little more lyrical emphasis on some parts of course!) The song fits the story perfectly because, well, this place about to blow! And by this place, I mean the old bridge between St. Louis county and St. Charles county in Chesterfield.

4. Good Old Hockey Game-Stompin’ Tom Corners

Stompin Tom Corners Released this Canadian folk song classic in 1973. This song has been on every NHL DJ’s playlist for years. This instant classic will be played for years to come.

5. Fireball-Pitbull

The name here, it says it all! In local news, a man is pulled from a burning home and consequently probably on fire. In Pitbull’s song he sings “I’m on fiiiiiiiiire! Fireball!” and then breaks down into an intriguing instrumental solo that makes you want to dance.

6. Jumpman-Drake

The local basketball player was named one of Jordan brand’s all american player of the year. The the term “jumpman” is referring to Michael Jordan and his amazing ability to jump. Drake is one of the Jordan brand’s biggest supporters, even releasing a song titled “jumpman”

7. Beautiful Day-U2

Spring is upon us! The snow is melting and the birds on the bat have reported to Florida for spring training. Yes in fact it is a beautiful day Bono!

8. That’s Amore-Dean Martin

This song might not be about pizza totally, but it talks about the moon being like pizza so, why not? Also, pizza=love and amore=love so thats love (for pizza) for sure! All I know is, I wish the moon was made of pizza.

9. Milkshake-Kelis

Shake shack is coming to the Lou! What better song to use to describe our lust for frozen goodness other than “Milkshake” by Kelis. Damn right Kelis our milkshake is better than yours.

10. Cabin by the Sea-The Dirty Heads

Unfortunately for these Webster home owners their “beach house,” isn’t quite a cabin by the sea but rather a cabin far from the sea. Anyway, the Dirty Heads beachy vibe in this popular song definitely fits in with this home’s feng shui.

And there you have it, folks! A 10 song/story compilation with helpful descriptions about why Scott Keaton and I chose them!


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