The (Not So) Final Countdown

So far in class I’ve learned…blank. I feel like Spongebob trying to write his paper on what he learned in boating school, because for some reason when I’m put on the spot I totally forget everything I’ve learned.


Ok, but really… I’ve learned some valuable information in class that I can even apply outside of class (even better!) Let’s take a look at the top 10 (in no particular order):

  1. Hootsuite and Tweetdeck: To be honest, I would’ve never thought to use such a convenient and accessible website like Hootsuite or Tweetdeck. Before entering this course, I used Twitter casually for following friends, celebrities, the occasional news media outlet, and funny accounts. Now, I’ve developed a more professional Twitter page in order to promote my personal brand. What better way to stay on top of everything happening on Twitter than through one of these applications?
  2. Quartz: Fellow classmate Kayla presented her Article of The Week on an up and coming news source called Quartz. This website and app aim to target the younger generations limited attention spans by sending them news updates in a “text” format. Cool, right? I thought so too.
Photo Credit: Dylan Byers via CNN Money

3. Creative Commons: Definitely the most recent concept discussed in class, but also one of the best. Creative Commons allows for artists work to be shared and modified as little or as much as they please by granting them with licenses for their work!

4. Compfight is an online source to “Locate the visual inspiration you need. Super fast!” It is an easy to use database that searches through all the Flickr images available to help you find what you’re looking for. Who doesn’t love cute images of dogs?

Photo Credit: Angelbattle bros via Creative Commons.

5. This is kind of like inception, right? Reading about Medium, on Medium? Anyway, Medium is a great platform for blogging with a SUPER easy to use interface and lots of credibility in the blogging world!

6. Distributed Content: This one really stuck with me — because I use distributed content everyday. Whether it be through Facebook, Snapchat, or any other social media platform distributed content is EVERYWHERE. The sooner we learn how to use it and shape it, the better off we as journalists will be!

Photo Credit: Madeline Raineri via Snapchat.

7. Fox 2 News: After doing some research for a Facebook Analysis Paper, I learned an incredible amount about my local news station. In fact, they have 121K+ followers on Twitter, and over 612,000 loyal “likers” on Facebook! Really delving into the nitty gritty details on a particular news site helped me understand how they work and operate.

8. How To Use Hyperlinks: Pretty self explanatory, but seriously the most useful tool I’ve ever learned. Now I look smarter and my writing has improved. Go hyperlinks! Enjoy the link to a cute puppy!

9. Feedly: It keeps all of the information I need from websites all together in one convenient and easy to use spot! Bonus: They have an app.

10. The Nieman Journalism Lab: The best go-to website for all of the interesting and innovative things happening within the journalism community.

Overall, this class has rocked. Here’s to many more weeks of learning about awesome new developments in the Journalism world and learning how to succeed in the Digital Newsroom!