Day 4: Consuming Web Services And Code Reviews

Wow! Today felt like 3 days smashed into one… I can’t believe I consumed so much information today. My day started off on a good note because I got the chance to learn how to use a “fancy” espresso machine upon arrival to the office. It just so happened that a “pro” was there when I arrived and I got to learn how to use it. I’ll be making myself macchiato’s every morning. Super excited about that because I love coffee.

The workday started off with a lecture on the different Android Libraries the company frequently uses. The libraries were:

  1. Retrofit
  2. Otto
  3. Butterknife
  4. Timber
  5. Picasso
  6. Calligraphy

The lecture was just one hour long and consisted of an overview of the libraries and some code implementation examples. Again, some of this was review because I’ve worked with some of the libraries before but it was cool to learn about some of the other libraries like Timber and Otto and when they would be best to use.

After lecture we had some time to answer some surveys/ do some work before lunch. They fed us again. This time it was specialty sandwiches. I was super hungry because I had skipped breakfast in favor of the fancy espresso machine tutorial, so I dove right into a chicken and avocado sandwich. Over lunch they had 4 different teams demo the apps they were currently working on for clients. They were all super interesting and for completely different industries. I’m actually not sure if I’m allowed to talk about them outside of work but one was for healthcare, one for education, one for the IoT and one for fitness. I also got the chance to talk to one of the guys who interviewed me over lunch. He’s pretty chill and told me a bit about his experience at the company and how he liked it. So far I’ve been really impressed with the culture and how much people seem to genuinely get along and like each other. I also love how people are given so much responsibility and freedom here. Everyone is really nice and hardworking. It’s a really great environment to be in.

After lunch we had a lecture on consuming web services in android. During this lecture we spoke about OKHttp, Services, SyncAdapters and libraries to parse JSON and XML. The most interesting part of this lecture was learning about sync adapters because I don’t have much experience with them (although they did say they weren’t used very often because of the very specific use case for them).

The second half of the afternoon we had some time to work on our Android projects. I’m done with mine but decided to test it on my new Nexus5x phone the company provided me with but I had some issues with permissions. One of the devs loaded it onto his phone and it worked perfectly so he said it would be best to leave it as is since we would have a lesson on the new android permissions coming up in the near future. Then he suggested we have a code review. This was my favorite part of the day because I learned so much about styles, methods, nesting, searching for views and trees and how to order/group variables and methods. I couldn’t wait to clean up my code afterwards and I did. After the lesson I stuck around the office to work on some additions. I want to start a new project tomorrow so I wanted to make sure this one was all set and clean and that I had implemented their suggestions.

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