SEO and Internet markeitng in simple words for small business

Getting a website with bunch of few pages is the easiest part. Getting them ranked takes time and effort.

Concept of SEO and internet marketing is simple, yet very few got the courage to follow and succeed, ever wonder why?

Most of the websites are not worthy of being accepted as top results in their niches. It is evident that highest value of a webpage is going to give it the place it deserves.

Forget technicality of SEO and tools made available to use by Google or other companies selling analytics tool. All of them are more like the coach, training staff and facilities to help you reach your goals.

What it takes is the character of a webpage created by the content to let him win the race of search engine ranking. Character can’t be made over night likewise website reputation and top rankings can’t be made overnight.

It is a work of knowledge, information, presentation, connectivity, usefulness and relevancy, which makes a webpage worth of being share by social media or any other medium possible in digital marketing world.

A successful business owner knows it takes time to build a business, same ways it takes time to build online reputation. Your online brand value isn’t just created overnight; it is the collective effort of your actual business, customer service and public relation.

It is necessary for Internet Marketing and SEO to give it a reasonable amount of time and then expect results.

When your business is not that big as if a small local business, let’s consider ourselves as small shop owners selling small products and services through our own websites using –

Affiliate websites, social media channels, YouTube channels, guest blogs, guest interviews, image circulations, local listings, Google analytics, keyword optimization, classified submissions, social media customer chat, and many more methods in order to get us the end results.

Patience, strategy, implementation and change are very much required to win this race of top Google rankings and visitors traffic. Everything is connected as parts of a machine.

Don’t expect your SEO expert to give you results unless you are serious about your business in real work. Unless you are serving well to your customers at fair price, having a health relation with your customers, you have something to offer audience would love to have; it would be difficult to achieve results.

Be nice, share nice pictures, be regular, ask your customers to write positive reviews about your service, answer their queries and just be connected used all sorts of medium possible out their using technology — webpage, mobile phone, social media, personal meet ups.

Here is the possibility for the SEO expert to work with you using all his skills of on page, off page SEO, content publishing, social media marketing and digital marketing to give a website audience and SEO rank it truly deserve.

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