Support legalization of cannabis by Growing your share of marijuana indoors.

My views on Indoor Cannabis Cultivation

Growing Cannabis indoors has witnessed a spurt of growth in the last few years as Cannabis Cultivation is deemed to be legal in 23 states in USA. Experts say that the produce grown indoors is of much better quality than the one sold outside. There are a few basic points you need to understand about growing Cannabis if you want to try your hand at it.

For better growth, Let there be Light

The proper growth of Cannabis will depend upon how much light they are receiving. Artificial lights are used to select powerful radiance on the growing Cannabis plant. These lights can be HPS (High pressure sodium), metal helium, LED etc. as a beginning point you can install 250 watts/m2 as a starting point while aiming for at least 3 times that level. The profusion of light will make the buds grow making them bigger and denser. Its best to keep the plant as near the light as possible. The light intensity which reaches the buds and leaves shouldn’t be too hot though.

Bushy Cannabis

Most indoor Cannabis growers would like their plants to be bushier and shorter which is why they resort to pinching the growing tip of the plant. This is a process where the part after the 4th/ 5th leaf pair is snapped out. This way the dominant growth stem (called Cola) is cut and the plant takes on a rounder bushier appearance. Still other growers train the plant to proliferate under chicken wire screens so that only the buds push up while the rest of the plant has to resort to horizontal expansion.

If you are thinking of growing Cannabis indoors then do invest in Ozone generators so that odors do not travel to all parts of your home.

Where to get all these nutrients to grow Highest Quality Marijuana?

Well you can try any indoor cultivation program, it all depends on your understanding. For best results I use Mad Hatter “Integrated Plant Growth Nutrients”. They have this highly recommended M-H Growing Program which I believe is a perfect way to start growing your own medical marijuana inside of your courtyard. Here is the website link

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