Wireframing Protocols and Facts

Madhav Shankar
4 min readMar 6, 2017

Wireframing is the fundamental essence of creating great products , its how information architecture is embedded across the product or software . Often Entrepreneurs do play a major role in understanding wireframes or even devising them .

Well, Wireframing is not designing to be true . Its a process apprehending the design , often developers are quiet concerned and curious to implement it but its very much necessary to make sure we are on the right direction . You don’t need to do designing to create wireframes , despite better strategic understanding of your product or futuristic vision about it .

There are certain protocols you should look for while practicing wireframing .

  1. Understanding the concept

There are reasons to which products available in the market, failing to endure with time either fail to understand the user’s need or never made for a purpose . I would stress on this idea of translating the vision of the product in a strategic and futuristic manner .

2. User Experience

Well , every product is driven by an experience which has to be seamless . Often apps fail to get that first impression which clearly drives away the users and decelerating revenue or traffic . Welcoming a user to the app and even till the process of checking out should be done perfectly .

3. Functional Interactions

Product design involves placing key elements and placeholders like drop-downs , check-boxes or text boxes . it is more important to be functionally active with your concept . Beautification of the design can be done progressively with time

3. Driving minimalism

Avoid cluttering your wireframes with vestigial content , People love to browse through simple content . Too much content is confusing and unnecessary

4. Vesting Decisions on product

Most of the cases , founders decide the structure of wireframe but there must be somebody responsible for creating and orchestrating the whole process of creating patterns and update the team about progress and possibilities . Its very much necessary to get your team involved at later stages of wireframes to make sure you can iterate on basic principles

5. Checking for Dependencies

Functional Dependencies are important , make sure everything makes sense . Dependencies in wireframe must be coherent , every placeholder and button should have a definite decision and should match the idea or vision of the product

6. Users perspective

It’s important to create the structure as per the users need , its a key essential to make people follow a pattern that satisfies their requirements with time and each step . Making sure the foundation of your User Interface is flexible enough to cater the needs of users and changing demands . Ideally User’s Idea of the product and competition in the market should be considered with time .

7. Documentation of the wire-frames

It’s essential to document your wire-frame notes as it leads to discrepancies in the future and necessary to understand on what grounds the architecture was setup in the past . Wire-frame documents can be included along with the concept notes . Each dependency and flow should be documented progressively .

8 . Look for repetitions

Iterating is good while the process stands the same , but wireframe must not contain repetitive notions of a process where a user has to go through the same process again. Example . Adding quantity without any add or subtract button .

9. Importance to data input

Data input should be given importance by considering various fields like passwords,name and other sensitive fields where user’s input is highly valid and necessary to complete the process . Look for lesser inputs from the user unless necessary .

10. Choose Right tools for wire-framing

The ideal tools for wireframing include Adobe Fireworks , Photoshop,Sketch , UX Pin etc .

Choosing the right tools matter as it adds flexibility to your methodology and designs and easy improvisations to your wireframe .

Hope you find this useful , to get in touch with me you can mail me madshankarkel@gmail.com for a quick chat or discussion .