A Life-Changing Experience for a Writer in You with ContentVidya

‘Once u stop learning, you start dying,’ a well-known quote by Albert Einstein always encourages me to learn new things. During the lockdown, I was keen on using available time on exploring the field of writing. Since childhood, I had an aspiration to become a writer.

And guess what? A right opportunity knocked in!

How Did It Start?

I came across an advertisement for the ‘6 Days online content writing workshop’ by the ContentVidhya. I browsed through Google, found course details & student testimonials. I enrolled in the course with the clear intention of at least I will take up my writing seriously or give it up at all.

Image Souce: Facebook page of ContentVidhya

First Impression: Day 1 of the workshop

Our trainer, Uma Madhavi welcomed us all with her infectious smile. Her journey into the field boosted the confidence of amateur writers like me. Her unique style of explanation with relevant examples helped me to connect with her instantly.

On Day one itself, I developed the belief in my writing abilities, and my fear of criticism had vanished.

Insights into my learning experience

From day 1 to day 6, Uma Madhavi mam slowly took us from basics to more detailed knowledge of content writing.

Mam with her 14 years of experience in the content writing field provided us with skills and the right attitude to succeed in the field. She patiently answered all our questions and supported us with her quick email replies too.

With easy, simple, and useful guidelines, Uma mam made content writing worth giving a try.

The workshop enriched me with:

· How to create catchy headlines, impactful introduction, and involve a reader with the article?

· How to use tools like Coschedule’s headline analyzer, Small SEO tools, etc. for effective content writing?

· How to do effective research and discover reliable data for an article?

· How an art of copywriting can turn the tables in sales?

· How to analyze and finalize the Niche to become a successful content writer?

· How can the profession of content writing help us to make money?

Image Source: Envato.com


‘ Learning is not the product of only teaching, Learning is the product of the activity of learners.’

Assignment activity gave us a chance of trying different genres of writing. Deadlines kept us on our toes and challenged our minds to come up with quality work within the allotted time

After my last assignment ‘This Is How Our Life Will Be Without Google,’ I am keen on exploring content writing as a career choice.


I sincerely thank my mentor Uma Madhavi madam and the whole ContentVidya team for their constant support and guidance.

I sincerely recommend ContentVidya for the writer in you.



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Madhura Joshi

I am an amateur writer who wants to explore different genres of writing. I would love to connect with you all by sharing my experiences, thoughts & imagination