Why Donald Trump’s Rhetoric Makes Sense

Every major publication and even the GOP is hating on the Donald. The say he’s an idiot, that he is no good for the country, that he will never be President. These same people were saying that Trump would never win the GOP ticket as it’s candidate. They were clearly wrong.

Trump has proven that he has what America wants in a President. Even though a lot of what he says and does makes no sense, he has gotten farther than any major publication or vocal politician had thought he might get.

The people of this country want change. They want something different from what we have because they believe that our country isn’t working the way that it is supposed to. Most of those people that want change are Trump’s supporters. They are the ones that make Trump matter. They are the ones that might be placing him as the President of the United States even though there is plenty of sources and publications saying that there is no way Trump will make it into the presidency.

This is what every publication, news source and outspoken person against Trump has failed to realize: We are in an age where most people probably don’t pay attention to the news, don’t understand what is going on in the world, pay no attention to politics, and consume social media content that pertains to their world. These people won’t read an article such as Donald Trump’s Clinton attack speech reveals just how little he understands the world by Vox Media and see that clearly everything he does seems childish. They won’t listen to the “news” channels to listen to people debate Trump or his political agendas or see where others are coming from with a different perspective. They are too busy watching reality television about people who do nothing to even think these shows might be fake.

These are the ones clouded in their own world thanks to social media. What doesn’t come across their feeds or timelines isn’t important. They don’t question the validity of something that they come across, even if they believe it to not be true. They believe in home remedies, tea diets and a number of hoaxes. They follow Kim Kardashian or any celebrity or reality TV star because they are driven by wants.

These are the ones that want change. They want someone different from who’ve we had. They want a person that they’ve seen on television. The Donald might not make sense to you, but for these people he doesn’t need to make sense. He just needs to say these simple minded things to reach the simple minded people who believe that he can bring about a change.

Donald Trump’s rhetoric doesn’t make any sense. But it doesn’t have to. It just needs to be heard by the people who believe in him. It has to win their votes. And who knows, maybe it will be these people who elect the next President of the United States.

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