Use Our Lead Generation Strategies and Create a Facebook Business Page

Create a Facebook Business Page using our Lead Generation Strategies. We are going to provide tips and tricks to boost your SEO and connect with potential customers/buyers.

We have discussed social media in a previous article. Social media is massive in today’s society. Connecting people across Australia and the the globe. There are many social media platforms available. The best and most recognised social platforms include -

But the biggest and most important is Facebook.

Facebook has more than 1.94 billion monthly active users as of March 31, 2017. As of April 2016, Facebook was the most popular social networking site in the world, based on the number of active user accounts. It provides users with multiple options. You are able to share Facebook posts, comment, like, join communities, start events, message and advertise on the platform.

Hands down, Facebook is perhaps the best social media platform for businesses who seek to reach more customers and/or clients. Allowing users to create a business Facebook page and then advertise on the site, Facebook is indeed a useful site and shouldn’t be underestimated. So if you own a business and you would like to join up with Facebook, how can you do so?

First of all, you must implement a few Lead Generation tactics. This way you can receive some Google Search Engine Optimization (SEO) benefits as well as connect with people in the local area (or Australia-wide). Connect with people who require your products and/or services by studying this article. You can achieve these benefits while looking professional; and it will cost you nothing (unless you are paying for advertisement).

Here is the step by step process, provided by the experts at Madigan Marketing

Step 1. The first step is signing up to Facebook. If you already have a personal or a business facebook account; that is great, you can move onto step two. If you don’t have a personal facebook account or even a basic account for your business, we recommend you do so; it is necessary. To sign up, visit Facebook and click sign up.

Step 2. After step one is completed, you can now search, Landing on the web page, click ‘Create a Page’ in the top right corner.

Step 3. After clicking the link, you will face a few options in which you can select from. Since we are creating a Facebook Page for your business, you should click ‘Local Business or Place’. After pressing the option, you’ll need to fill in a few details. Make sure you correctly fill out the information with your exact business details. Business name, category your business sits under, precise address and your business phone number.

Step 4. This is what your Facebook Business Page will now look like -

The fourth step is going through and updating your business profile picture and cover photo. Choosing the images is entirely up to you. You can have the logo as the cover photo or for the profile picture. As long as it looks tidy and professional.

Step 5. Press, ‘Add a Button’ and select the option most suitable for your business. Once you have found the right option, fill out your business information.

Step 6. Your next step should be filling out any missed business details. You will need to add -

  • A description to your business page
  • Opening/closing hours
  • Add photos and images of the products and/or services you provide
  • Create a username for your profile
  • Add website address to your business page
  • Invite friends to like your Facebook Business page
  • Try posting a short video
Add details

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