The dancing flame… And the kindred spirits.

If only one lived their whole life as if they only had moments left to spend with the ones they love. With the uncertainty of when your time together as family, friends, lovers, daughter, mother… Would end. To really understand the true meaning of loving unconditionally and with true presence…

Present in the moment.

To understand what it feels like to let all of your ego fall away. Undress yourself from the ego that fills the fibres of your masks and to be raw-fully present. How would you choose to spend that time with your loved one… With yourself. Forgetting the clothes they left on the floor.. Or the bath mat they forgot to hang up. Or the birthday they might have missed. And maybe the parents they didn’t want to see.

What does it mean to be fully present.

To understand that maybe in that very moment.. That’s what it means. To undress your soul of all the little things. To dig deeper and deeper into that person.. Through their eyes, their smile, their weaknesses and their rawness. To sit in absolute servant listening and see them for who they are. To bask in the very moment and soul of the person sitting before you. To cherish absolutely every moment. To actually find all the beauty in the moments that feel annoying. To laugh even when you want to scream…

Because when that person is no longer there. No longer there to tickle you while you’re trying to wash the dishes… Or chase you when you are already late for work… Or to laugh with when you’re frustrated. Or to stare into their eyes after you’ve made love… I promise you that you’ll wish you could have them right there. To share every moment with again. To do it all over so that you could be totally IN the moment.

Just. With. Them.

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