Reactions Now Available on Facebook

Whether you think Facebook is the best thing to happen to social media since the community developed or think you Facebook is becoming the new MySpace, the social media world is buzzing about the new way to show response to a post on the social site: reactions.

Reactions is described as a extension of the “like button” on Facebook. The reactions include content that represent the actions/emotions: like, love, haha, wow, sad or angry.

To add a reaction on the mobile site you hold the like button to see the reaction content. If you are on a computer you hover over the like button, select the reaction you want and click it. Then your reaction is added to the post.

Facebook released a statement saying that they understand that this is a huge change. They also explained they have done extensive research into the addition of reactions. Facebook has been testing the addition in groups so far and has gotten a majority of positive responses. However, they are still waiting to see if this will take off with the rest of their users.

For more information read the full statement from Facebook here:

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