When Somebody Steals Your Medium Post
Kamil Stanuch

These are similar posts. Yet, when utilising a language with only twenty-six letters, we gain more insights from analysing the differences.

Even from looking at just the titles we can see that the two posts have a fundamental difference. The shorter claims (allow me to paraphrase) that ‘you will fail and this does not matter’. Alternatively, the longer argues that ‘you will fail and this failure will shape your future successes’. Quite the difference, no?

Were they inspired by each other? Probably.

Is that plagiarism? Not remotely.

Every written work in existence is influenced by the culture, people, places, and ideas its author was exposed to. This development of ideas and re-awkening of others theories is an essential factor of free discourse and social progress.

Would a note of inspiration have been nice? Of course.

But one can never thank everyone who has influenced them.