A gap year

Taking a gap year is probably a combination of different stages:

  1. A challenge. It is when you feel like there is no exit. You know the feeling of misery, like you must go to the university. Unfortunately, you can`t because all deadlines have past for this year and you are moving into the tunnel, but you aren`t sure if there is gonna light at the end. Even if there is gonna the light in the end, it will certainly take a long time. Emm, I guess obviously stressing time: a whole year.
  2. Taking action to somehow correct mistake that wasn`t supposed to be a part of your life. I took an action. What it was? It was incredibly genious: tutoring. I started tutoring English. Now, looking back I think why the heck didn`t I turn to journalism, freelancing, business plan writing. What I mean is why didn`t I get involved in something academic. This way I could keep on track of my previously acquired skills, I could prevent losing discipline I worked so hard during school years.
  3. Acceptance. This part is under a question. Not sure yet If I accept it or not. I haven`t accepted the idea yet. I am lazy still. I read somewhere that gap year students get a false feeling of earning tonns of money. I am getting that feeling now. An essay where from I read this statement also included: `Those students lose a possiblity to earn more money in their lifetime`. What if it is real? Omg, I hope I`ll get into the University. But, on the other hand, as Einstein said `Only foolish people agree with their destiny`. I can`t rely on destiny, I have to plan and try freaking hard to get into the university and then into the best university. Yeah, thats all. Thanks for reding my unclear essay. I know you wouldn`t even call it the essay. It is not. You didn`t understand a thing right. Who cares. I gotta go to write an essay listing all accomplishments.
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